Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse of 2022

Your PC keyboard and mouse provide the most intimate physical interaction between you and the PC or laptop hardware.  Of course, newer technologies have enabled the LCD display to serve similarly using touchscreens, but among gamers, the mouse is still the preferred way to control their games.  The mouse goes beyond merely as a pointing device, but at its best ergonomic and functional design, serves as the main controller for serious gamers in front of the PC or laptop.  It pays to get only the best gaming mouse for the purpose. 

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gaming mouse review of 2012

So what do you do with those touch pads on laptops?  They are great when you forgot to bring the mouse with you on the road, though most would have a separate mouse exclusively for the laptop with its own compartment in the backpack so they never have to forget them. Serious gamers won’t settle for anything other than a competent gaming mouse for their laptop.  For one reason or another, the touch pads simply won’t do and the hands just can’t seem to be fast enough with touch pads than with conventional mouse.

So what makes a Mouse a Gaming Mouse?

The free mouse that came with your PC purchase is just fine and gets the job done with its typical optical sensing and 300dpi resolution to qualify as a competent pointing device.  But as everyone knows, gaming is a specialized computing activity that must go beyond mere competence. Serious gamers spend hours on end playing their favorite game titles and will need one that provides the utmost comfort for the hand that grips it; hence, the shape, size and feel matters. It must endure constant use and abuse; hence, it requires a more robust build quality.  On top of these, mice that have extra buttons, whether fixed or programmable, can further enhance or facilitate the gaming experience as they bring your gaming control to a higher level of efficiency and accuracy. In short, a gaming mouse is one that most PC users will have no need to use when simply working on their spreadsheets, word processing or presentations, much less when watching a movie or editing a video or image. But for PC gamers, a gaming mouse matters a lot.

What to look for in a gaming mouse

People who are often on the road lugging their laptop in a backpack or suitcase generally prefer to use a small mouse in what are called travel mice.  They have the same technical features and shape of regular mice but of smaller size and reduced weight. But laptop gamers used to the regular shape and size of their desktop mouse will take some getting used to in using travel mice which are often too small for the your hands that they easily lead to stress to make it uncomfortable to use with even a hour of playing .  They are generally wireless as well which can make it mandatory to carry some spare triple-A batteries.  Here are few things to look for in a gaming mouse.

  • Comfort and customization

Some of the best gaming mice on the market promise comfort and customization that put its price above ordinary mouse products.  Some come with removable weights that allow you to tweak the weight for better feel and movement control.  Some may also allow you to shift the center of balance, adjust the height and width of the palmrest, change the material of the palmrest cover, or even convert from right handed to left handed use and vice versa.

  • High quality sensors

A high-performance mouse sensor is basic to a gaming mouse. There are two technologies behind the operation of the mouse – optical and Laser, though both share the same technical concept. Optical mouse sensors have replaced the trackball of its early years, resulting in no mechanical parts that gather dirt and grime to compromise its operations over time.  We won’t waste time describing a mechanical mouse, since no gamer use one anyway. Optical mice use glowing LED light—often in red, but can use blue, or infrared—with a photo sensor that tracks the mouse movement against a surface image the mouse moves over (called a polling rate in the hundreds per second).  Laser mice operate similarly except that it uses infrared laser diode which is also LED but has better sensitivity measured in DPI or dots per inch (like pixel resolution). The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse gets. Premium gaming mice are known to use laser sensors, but you need a mouse pad specially designed for it.

Some of the best gaming mice harness the practical versatility of an optical sensor with the higher sensitivity allowed by a laser sensor in tandem. Gaming mice also give you a wide latitude to set sensitivity levels, from the highest possible  DPI to achieve a tight cursor control when sighting your target through a sniper’s telescope,  to low DPI for faster cursor movements when directing 3rd person combat viewpoint over a terrain or in fight and run tactics.

  • Wired or Wireless

Using wired mouse connections is often preferred by serous gamers since they do not exhibit the lag between a mouse action and getting it transmitted and interpreted by the PC or laptop, along with possible interference issues that wireless mice are often heir to. Wired options are generally plug and play devices that require no setup software in Windows 7 or 8 platform, though some highly sophisticated gaming mice may require set-up software that allows you to configure them in ways that go beyond what the Windows OS can do.

Having said that, nothing beats the freedom from the clutter of wires that wireless mice provide. Wireless mice operate in either of two technologies: a radio frequency link between the mouse and a receiver plugged to the PC or laptop via USB, often just a USB dongle, or using Bluetooth with another USB dongle or built-in with the Laptop or PC. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it’s really your priority that matters.  If you want the fastest response to your game, go wired.  If you can’t stand the wires, then go wireless. 

  • Specialized Mice

It’s not altogether unthinkable that professional gamers would have different mice to use depending on what game they are playing, whether taking on a bare knuckles fight, shooting down enemy planes or a horde of zombies in FSPs, or strategizing with RPG games. First-person shooter games are best served with accurate and fast responding scroll-wheels—allowing you to cycle through a menu of weapons without missing a beat, as well as on-the-fly DPI adjustments that lets you shift between low-DPI needed in a fist fight, to high DPI when lining up your target a sniper’s shot.

Mice engineered for strategy games and MMOs are often designed with several programmable buttons to execute macro command you can define in the software set-up you need to launch when configuring them. Located where you thumb sits for easy reach, these buttons, numbering anywhere from 4 to 24or more can spell the difference between getting the score or not. In contrast, mice meant for first person shooters and MMORPG often get outfitted with better ergonomics, on the fly DPI changes, adjustable weight, laser sensors and other high performance parts like gold plated USB connectors.


The mouse has clearly gone beyond a mere pointing device to become a game controller for your gaming PC or laptop.  A mouse is generally the cheapest PC accessory that is often used, outside of the mouse pad which often comes as a freebie.  In fact, both are usually offered free when you buy a new PC or laptop.  But for serious gamers and casual gamers who simply want the best that money can buy, there are special gaming mice out there you should at least take a look.  There cheap gaming mice as low as $30 and there expensive ones that exceed the $200 price point. There are no hard and fast rules on which mouse to get as the choice is dictated by your gaming needs, what is practical for your budget, what is comfortable to use, and whether not you like to tweak a customizable one to your gaming preferences. We present a few of what could well be the best gaming mice in the market these days.

Without Further Adieu Here’s Your TOP 10 Best Gaming Mouse of 2013

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