RTX 3070 Ti vs RTX 3070 laptop GPUs

RTX 3070Ti GPUs are actually slower than the standard RTX 3070 laptop GPUs, as almost no one was surprised to discover. There is an extremely important term known as Total Graphics Power (TGP) that holds significant value in the laptop market. You can determine how powerful your laptop’s discrete graphics will be based solely on this factor. A laptop’s GPU can pump out more frames the more power it has to work with. Due to TGP differences, two laptops with the same GPU can offer drastically different performance. Compared to a laptop with a lower wattage GPU, the laptop with a higher TGP graphics chip will perform better.

As a result of this TGP discrepancy, a technically better GPU model could still perform worse than one that is lower in the hierarchy because of the TGP discrepancy. That’s exactly what happened with NVIDIA’s Max-Q lineup not too long ago where certain Max-Q variants of a GPU would be faster than non-Max-Q SKUs leading to confusion among consumers.

The thicker Vector GP66 and slimmer Stealth GS66 use the same RTX 3070 Ti GPU, but the former targets a much higher TGP ceiling of 150 W versus only 105 W on the latter. GS66 and GP66 GPU Boost clock rates are 1035 MHz and 1485 MHz, respectively, resulting in 15 to 17 percent slower 3DMark GPU results. As a result, the RTX3070 Ti in the GS66 is slower than some laptops with the regular mobile GeForce RTX 3070, such as the Schenker XMG Apex 17. Even the supposedly faster “Ti” graphics of the GS66 cannot compete with the Schenker when it comes to GPU-bound titles, such as Final Fantasy XV.

As a result, you can no longer compare graphics power between laptops based simply on the name of the GPU. An RTX 3070 laptop would almost certainly be slower than an RTX 3080 laptop before the launch of the mobile GeForce RTX Ti series. Comparing RTX 3070 and RTX 3070 Ti laptops cannot be said the same since their performance is more likely to overlap. Therefore, we are faced with the Max-Q problem again.

3DMark | 3DMark 11 Final | Fantasy XV Benchmark

3dmark3DMark/3DMark11 benchmarks comparing two RTX 3070 Ti variants against a top-end RTX 3070 variant | Notebookcheck

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