FIFA 23 to Feature Cross-Play for the First Time

FIFA 23, the long-running FIFA franchise’s next game, is expected to introduce a feature that fans have long asked for. It is still unknown when the game will be released or even whether it will be acknowledged by the company, but if past releases are any indication, it will arrive sometime in Q4 of 2022.

From the beginning, EA Sports’ FIFA games have been available on a wide variety of platforms, but one downside has always been the inability to play with your friends on another platform. You will only be matched up with other PC players if you own the game, likewise for consoles if you own the game. Likewise, you cannot play with your Xbox friends if you own the game on the PS4. Things are about to change, though.

A cross-platform version of FIFA 23 will soon be available

EA is planning to integrate cross-platform play into FIFA 23 according to Tom Henderson, a popular video-game journalist. As a result, this will be the first time ever that players on different platforms can compete against one another. The cross-play feature allows console players to play with PC players and vice versa.

Additionally, it has been reported that EA will include both the Men’s and Women’s World Cups in this year’s edition of the annual football franchise. EA’s extension of its FIFA licensing deal has now allowed the publisher to add as many real-life elements as possible to the game, allowing it to be as realistic as possible. EA probably wants to go out on a limb with such a bold title because this is likely to be the last time we see a partnership of this level between the two.

How long has it been since the last “FIFA” match?

According to rumors, FIFA 23 will be the last edition of the series to include the “FIFA” branding. EA would rename the game to something like “EA Sports Football” and drop its FIFA affiliation. Considering that a FIFA executive publicly stated that the FIFA name was hurting the franchise, this might be a logical next step for the series. It’s unclear how the FIFA name will affect the way other leagues and teams are licensed by EA. It may give EA some sort of discount on their end.

The most logical move would be to drop the FIFA name if EA still has to pay for all the other branding in its FIFA games. If EA is required to spend more on licensing other teams if FIFA is removed from its name then the cost would outweigh the benefit. However, only time will tell what the final decision of the company will be, but all signs point to a rebranding of the football franchise that fans have come to love over the past few years. Hey, at least you’ll be able to play cross-platform now.

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