Apex Legends Mobile Games

It has been over a year since Apex Legends Mobile was announced, and since then players have been waiting for their chance to play it. EA recently announced that the game will be available in selected regions starting on February 28th after going through several cycles of closed betas last year. Unfortunately, due to the … Read more

20 Best Strategy Games For PC

Virtual Game Place

Strategy games have long been a favorite for PC gamers and a way to flex those brain muscles like no other genre can. These games require a lot of strategy from the player, and they are quite diverse in what they offer. If this sounds like it might be up your alley, check out our … Read more

Best VR Games on PC

Man wearing a VR Glasses

Virtual reality has seen a massive boom in recent years with the technology now being made available to everyday people. If you’re yet to experience the wonder of VR you might be feeling lost as to where to start. Check out the best VR games for PC that are currently on the market and see why … Read more