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HP Pavilion DV6 is the series name for a range of models that offer a vast variety of choices in processor, graphics and other options. At first glance, you might find the labeling used by HP to delineate between the numerous models and options a little confusing, but we’re here to talk you through it all.

With its 15.6-inch LCD display as standard and close to full-sized keyboard, the DV6 is a popular choice of general consumer-focused laptops. However, they do offer some surprises along the way thanks to the multiple CPU, memory and graphics options.

HP is a trusted name in computers and their versatile line of laptops and desktop PCs span across all kinds of users. We examine a couple of the options that HP provides in its popular DV6 range of laptops, and what features they might have to offer gamers.

While features and specs like screen size, display and keyboard are standard across the range HP offers some interesting CPU and GPU options across its DV6 series, including:



HD 7470M, 6770M, 6570M, 6520G, AND MORE;



Intel HD Graphics 3000 ;

NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M, GT 630M

Display: 15.6-inch

Price range between $700 to $2,100 when purchased new

Not all of the laptops offered by HP in this range are worthy of reviewing for the sake of gaming and general use, so we’ll look at some specific models instead. As there are 16 different options within just the DV6-6B series alone, it would take quite some time to review them all.

The DV6-6b06sa

pavillion laptop

Image Source: unsplash

With HDD of 1Tb and RAM upgradable to 8GB from the 4GB supplied and running the AMD Quad-Core A63410MX (clocked at 1.6GHz but which can be overclocked to 2.3GHz), this is a reasonable package. HP also offers this model with the alternative of an Intel Dual cored i5-2430M that has 2.3GHz to 2.9GHz with ‘turbo boost’ available.

Altec Lansing speakers are standard in the plastic finish model and are really not that bad. The metal finished DV6 has the superior quality Beats Audio for those who favor better sound. This model comes with the SuperMulti DVD R/RW drive, which is handy because there is a lot of HP software on the HDD when you buy it off the shelf that may need removal.

This laptop is somewhat lacking in connection as it only comes with USB 2 ports , however for a model of tis time it’s pretty standard. The keyboard is functional, ergonomic and comfortable with a separate keypad provided for numbers, giving you options for personal and work use.

HP’s BrightView display is a glossy affair so you’ll enjoy that if brightness is your thing, but it is very reflective and so classroom or boardroom overhead lights are going to cause you some glare and viewing problems.

In spite of its 15.6-inch display it will only get you 1366 x 768 pixels and there’s no option to upgrade here. Among the other DV6-6B models there’s also no higher resolution available as well. DVD playback on battery power will last you 210 minutes which is enough for most movies and around 2.5 hours playing a first-person shooter game like Far Cry 2.

To join in the industrial revolution, you needed to open a factory;

 in the Internet revolution, 

you need to open a laptop. Alexis Ohanian

- Gretchen Bleiler -

HP Pavilion DV6T-6000

man holding hp laptop

Image Source: Unsplash

The DV6T-6000 is one of the biggest in this range and with quite a few options for upgrades within. For gamers, this would be the best option to go for in the DV6 lineup that is capable of doing everything you need it to for a budget-friendly laptop.

At under $800 when it was released, the DV6T is definitely worth a closer look if you are in the market for a smart looking and affordable laptop that handles multimedia well. With an Intel Core i5-2410M processor, 6GB of RAM with 640GB HDD running at 7,200rpm, Beats Audio System, and AMD switchable graphics it’s pretty capable of most tasks.

What makes this so impressive is its ability to do multiple things at once, like upload images, edit videos, stream HD movie and more. Its switchable graphics enables it to manage quite a few mid to higher-level games so if you’re looking for something for this specific purpose you’re in luck.

Heat and Power

In terms of display, it certainly looks the part with its brushed aluminum lid and matte gray sides. With a cool dark brown color scheme that covers the laptop and a silver speaker panel and black surrounding the keyboard panel, it’s sleek and professional. The bottom is a very sturdy plastic construction which also helps to minimize heat transference to your lap.

This is a relatively small laptop coming in at 14.8 x 1.2 x 9.7 inches and weighs in at 5.8 pounds so it’s decently sized for a device of this era. The backlit keyboard is firm and the key spacing itself is good. In terms of ergonomics, you’ll find that your wrists rest comfortably and at optimum angles if you’re using the laptop correctly.

The surface of the pad works well for a Multitouch input plus it has control panel enabled options of two and three finger operations such as rotation and flick. Although business computers are the usual place you will find fingerprint readers, thee DV6T also has that covered too. This further proves that HP focuses on all avenues when creating their laptops and desktop PCs.

Heat and Power

HP has installed a utility named ‘CoolSense’ which detects where the laptop is positioned and streams its cooling to the area you are most likely to be touching. This means it helps to keep the temperature down and the fan even runs quietly while it’s working at full force. -

Running 15 minutes of video streaming from the Internet, the touchpad reached 84 degrees Fahrenheit during testing, with the bottom getting a tad warm at 99 degrees. The hottest area was near the air vent which reached around 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

In terms of battery life, you can expect to get about five hours out of a fully charged battery if you are web surfing or doing standard applications. However, for gaming, this will likely only run around 2.5 hours on a single charge.

Display and Audio

The DV6T comes equipped with an i7-2630QM processor and dedicated AMD Radeon HD6570M graphics, 6GB of memory and 1Tb of storage, so you know you’re going to get an exceptionally good display quality despite the 1366 x 768 panel. With 120-degree viewing capabilities, you’ll get a good view from any angle. However, because of the glossy screen, this might not always be entirely visible.

The four speakers running through the Beats Audio provides very good audio even for bass oriented music at sensible volume levels and it excels with the more melodic, higher frequency sounds. Beats Audio allows you to adjust the equalizer levels according to the genre, so with a little tweaking, you can get even better audio. With the addition of good quality headphones, you’ll make the experience even better whether it is music or gaming you’re enjoying.

Communication and Connectivity

girl with laptop

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

A total of four USB ports (2 x 2.0 and 2 x 3.0), DVD drive, secure lock, card reader, VGA port, twin headphone inputs, microphone input, HDMI port and Ethernet jack complete the impressive suite of ports for this laptop. For communication, you’ll get a quality webcam and microphone that makes this ideal as a business model as well as for home use.

Performance and Gaming

The 2.3GHZ i5 and 6GB RAM positions this to be a great multimedia laptop, enabling it to multitask, stream video, and surf multiple pages on the internet, if you wanted to. With its 1GB memory and capacity to switch between its Integrated Intel HD 300 and a discrete AMD Radeon HD 6490M chip, the DV6T impresses in the gaming arena.

Capable of delivering 5,826 in 3DMar06 testing it scores around 1,800 points higher than the average and higher than ASUS K53E when compared to others in its price range. For those who want to play more complex titles, it may not be possible here, unless you’re prepared to drop the quality down a significant amount.

person holding pencil near laptop computer

Image Source: Unsplash

Options Available for This Model 

Base level

2.1-GHz Core i3-2310M processor

4GB of RAM

500GB, 5,400-rpm hard drive

Intel HD 3000 Graphics card

Windows Home Premium 7 (64-bit)

Optional upgrade

2.3-GHz Intel Core i5-2410M CPU

6GB of RAM


7,200-rpm hard drive

Intel HD 3000 Graphics card and Radeon HD 6490M Graphics chip


Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Software and Warranty

There are actually some useful bundles of software pre installed on this DV6 laptop, incluidng Recover Manager, two months free Norton Internet Security, and a few months of free CloudDrive storage.

The games supplied with the DV6Tare nothing too exciting but certainly better than the standard Solitaire and Minesweeper styles we’ve seen the past. You’ll also get software to access the HP Movie Store, and HP offers one year of limited hardware support when you purchase it new.


  • angle-double-right
    Great range of options and upgrades available;
  • angle-double-right
    Strong performance;
  • angle-double-right
    Sturdy and stylish chassis;
  • angle-double-right
    Good video playback quality;
  • angle-double-right
    Good audio with Beats Sound System;
  • angle-double-right
    Great and responsive keyboard.


  • angle-double-right
    Integrated graphics on some modes;
  • angle-double-right
    DVD eject button is very small;
  • angle-double-right
    Average battery life not so good for portability;
  • angle-double-right
    Bloatware takes up a lot of space;
  • angle-double-right
    Slow hard drive;
  • angle-double-right
    Touchpad too sensitive for gaming;


Final Thoughts on the HP Pavilion DV6 Range

hp gif

gif source: giphy

HP is on the money with its DV6 series laptops with something for everyone, and a lot that is good for a wide range of end users. The variety in configurations and other specifications means that if you know what you’re after then you are likely to find a model that is precisely what you need.

A display size of 15.6 inches and pixel count of 1366 x 768 pixels says up front that this is for the most part, great for video and general work, but not intended as a high-performance gaming machine. Having said that, there are quite a few models in the range that are marketed more at the entertainment and gaming user so you should be able to find your match.

HP has not only done its marketing homework well here but has put a lot of their technological expertise behind these models. The range of processors ensures sufficient power and the option for integrated or separate GPUs means if its games you’re interested in, then this will play many of them quite well.

The dv6 laptops are well designed and built with a maximum thickness of 1.25-inches which some might find a little on the thick side. The weight ranges in the DV6 series when including battery come in between 5.3lbs and 6.4lbs so if you’re looking for portability it could be a little heavy.

Keyboards are standard across the series with Chiclet-style keys and good tactile feel and feedback to them. The touchpads support Multitouch but don’t go super fast, so in terms of gaming, it might be better to invest in your own mouse.

Overall, you should be able to find a great laptop in this range no matter your needs. You can select one of the standard models or opt for an upgrade, and you’ve got more than enough variety to choose from.

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The Dell Inspiron 15 7559 has been a top choice for gamers looking for an affordable, entry-level laptop to use for their favorite hobby. This review looks at the ins and outs of what it offers, and the top features you should consider if you’re using it for a gaming machine.

Dell is usually at the forefront of innovation, but what sets them apart from many other brands is their ability to keep prices relatively low when possible. The Dell Inspiron 15 7559 is one of their mid-range laptops that offers more than what you might think upon the first view, and especially for gamers.

Released in 2015, the laptop is a few years old now but still has quite a lot to offer the modern gamer. When it first came out it was priced at around $800 for the base model, and unlike other brands that don’t offer much with their base models and put them all into upgrades, this one is pretty capable even in its most simple form.

This review is going to look further that everything the Dell Inspiration 15 7559 offers so you know whether it would do you well for gaming. We investigate all areas including specs, features, display, audio, design, and usability, plus so much more, so you’ll know whether or not this can serve your gaming needs. 

Overview of the Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Dell is known for providing desktop PCs and laptops to suit virtually any type of user out there. Whether you want it just for work or like to game and travel at the same time or something in between, you can guarantee they have made a device to suit your needs.

The Dell Inspiron 75 7559 was designed as a gaming machine, but unlike others, it was made to be affordable and entry level. As a rare show of knowing what gamers need, they’ve even included a chance to do some maintenance via the designated maintenance hatch found on the laptop allows you to do upgrades or adjustments on whatever you need in regards to multimedia.

As one of the heavier models Dell has made, it’s not particularly portable, but there would be nothing stopping you from carrying it around if you could handle the weight. It’s got plenty of tech, hardware, and software that makes it a dream for gamers and because you can upgrade as you wish, there’s really no limit to what you can do with the 15 7559.

laptop dell

Image source: Pixabay

Top Specs

Design and Feel

Sound and Speakers

Connectivity and Communication

Display and Visuals

Battery Life, Noise, and Heat

Performance and Benchmarks

Who Would Suit this Laptop?

Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Image via Amazon

Dell has designed this laptop to be pretty capable in all areas and even has the goods to satisfy gamers. In terms of who it would suit best, there’s really no limit in that regard. It’s got everything you need for a powerful business machine and also lets you enjoy some gaming in the evenings, so it can tick more than one box.

Although Dell has put enough hardware in here to make this an entry-level gaming machine if you’re a serious gamer who likes to play the latest titles you might be seeking an upgrade. Whether you do that yourself, buy a model that’s been adapted more to your needs, or simply seek out a more expensive and capable laptop is up to you.

When it was released, this laptop cost less than $800 which even by today’s standards is pretty good. This is one of those cases where it’s proved that you don’t have to spend thousands just to get a quality gaming laptop, and although it might not be as impressive as some serious gaming machines, it’s definitely got what it takes to make most of us happy.

The Verdict

Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Image via Amazon

Dell has proven, yet again, that they know how to please their target market. When reviewing this laptop as the device it was intended to be, a mid-price, entry-level gaming machine, it certainly gets good marks.

Comparing this to more serious gaming desktop PCs or laptops wouldn’t be fair to do, as Dell never claimed this was the market they were trying to dominate. However, given that it’s been a few years since its release now and the price would have dropped a significant amount since then, it’s well worth a look.

It’s rare these days to find a laptop that allows for as must adjustment and upgrade as this, thanks to its special maintenance hatch. This feature alone should make it even more of a standout to gamers, so this point is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a gaming machine you can take to the next level.

Featured Image: Image by Nawras Ruhaima from Pixabay

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Virtual Board Games

Every now and then, things that used to be not so cool suddenly become hip again. Board games used to be played at home around the dining table, but now they’re seeing a resurgence in the digital world. We’ve found the best virtual board games you can play on your PC to get into the action.

Board games have long been a great way to pass some time, challenge yourself and others, and just have a bit of wholesome fun. If you’ve found that your board games are taking up too much space in your cupboard though, checking out the best virtual board games for PC might be a better idea.

These games allow you to play against the clever AI participants or even battle strangers and people you know online. They breathe exciting new life into old school board games and can reignite a passion for this fun pastime. Check out the latest ones that we’ve rated the best.


If you like a bit of bug play in your board games, you’ll love the insect packed Hive. This is a hexagonal tile game that looks like so many classics we used to play in our youth. However, this one features an insect on each tile with the main aim of surrounding the queen bee with your tiles. It might sound easy, but it’s far from it. This game will take some time to get the hang of but it’s well worth it because you’ll spend days at a time enjoying it once you know how.


Blood Bowl 2 doesn’t really look much like the original tabletop version, but it’s that good we’ll let it slide. This game is like a mixture of football and Warhammer if you can imagine the pairing. Based on the original Warhammer tabletop game this is a turn-based strategy game full of your favorite types of characters like orcs and huge, scary beasts. If you’ve never really gotten into football but love Warhammer, this might change your mind.


Definitely one of the prettier board games on our list but challenging nonetheless is Tokaido. This is a Japanese digital board game that sees you venture your way around the beautiful country, making things hard for your challenges as you go. Your aim is to be the first one to the end so you have to be as ruthless as possible to ensure it happens. It looks pretty but it requires a lot of brutality, so keep that in mind.


Yomi is a card based game that seems to be even more enjoyable when playing the digital version. The premise of this game is that you’re battling others with your moves, and each player will get their own special cards with possible attacks and defenses on them. You decide how you’re going to go to battle and if you strategize right, you’ll be the victor. This fighting game might sound pansy because of the card element, but it’s anything but.


Talisman was a pretty huge tabletop game in the fantasy genre, but physically it took up too much room. They’ve managed to solve this problem and add some more stuff that makes it even better by taking it to the digital world. This is a quest game that you can easily spend hours on, either going it alone or battling others online for the final prize of the Crown of Command. Talisman is one such example of the PC version being far better than the tabletop one ever could.


Most civilization games are found on the PC so when they try to turn them into a tabletop it just doesn’t work. The main problem is lack of space for the map, but that’s all solved with titles like Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization. This game requires you to construct your empire just using cards and do battle with others or against the AI armies. As one of the better civilization board games around, you won’t be disappointed.


When you put the words ‘competitive quilting’ into a game’s description, you’re bound to have some people scratching their heads. Although it might sound lame, it’s definitely not, and you’ll quickly get competitive when playing the 1v1 board game. This is a beautiful, bright and colorful game that will please you with the graphics alone. Your goal is to beat your opponent at placing different pieces of fabric into a box, and it’s easy enough for younger children or the elderly to play as well.


The first game from digital tabletop gaming brand Days of Wonder on our list, and definitely not the last. Splendor is another great deck building game with an aim of being the first to reach 15 victory points which might sound easy, but it’s really not. The game is set during the Renaissance and you play a merchant trying to make your way through history. There are both single-player mode and challenge modes to play, so you’ll never get bored with this epic title.


This is a game for those who pride themselves on their strategic skills. Lords of Waterdeep is similar to other D&D games but with one key difference. Instead of battling against mythical creatures, you’re actually controlling the lords of the area. This means it’s up to you to hire people to kill the various dangers in the town and see your plot through to fruition. You’ll have to battle others to make sure they don’t get in the way of your plans, which is pretty damn entertaining.


If Dominion sounds familiar to you, there’s probably a good reason. This was the first ever card deck building game and it’s the one that many others are modeled on, proving just how good it was. This newer version might not be as user-friendly as the last one which closed down in 2016. However, it’s got all of the best parts still remaining as long as you can look past the basic state of it. You must build up your own deck of cards and your empire with it, and it’s a game that requires a whole lot of patience and strategy.


This game is still in its early access phase but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining, only somewhat limited. Based on the German strategy game that requires you to fight others for land and build roads and communities, this one makes it even better. If you’ve been looking for a way to play Catan you might not have much luck, as this is the only working option currently. However, it’s got all of the things we loved about the first and you’ll get lost for hours and days working on your project.


This is one of the easier games on our list and one that you could play with children if you wanted to introduce them to digital tabletop board games. Ticket to Ride is based on building railroads all across America. It’ll teach you to strategize, organize, plan, and execute, as well as offering a bit of a geography lesson as well. Ticket to Ride has plenty of expansions available and updates are always being released. You won’t bore easily with this game and you’ve got the option to play online or offline, giving a world of possibilities.


Everybody’s favorite game of world domination has a virtual version as well, and it’s just as enjoyable. Risk: Factions is just one of a few different titles in the Risk series but this one is better suited to online players and it’s more finished than the others. There are some surprising elements to this game like zombies and cats, but if you can look past that it’s got everything that made the tabletop version so great. If you ever feel like taking over the world, this game is just one click away.


You might have played this game in real life and enjoyed the 3D cardboard cutouts of trains that were part of the adventure. Unfortunately, this was part of the allure of the game and so not having that kind of takes away some excitement. However, the PC version of Colt Express is still enjoyable and you’ll get to play a train robber trying to take his next big score. You’ll need a heap of strategic thinking to do this right but it’s a fun way to escape reality for a bit and pretend to be a renegade train robber for a day.


The Witcher Adventure Game was originally based on a book series which was then turned into a tabletop board game, and now it’s a virtual board game. If you loved the series or just want a really good online game to play, this won’t let you down. The Witcher Adventure Game lets you play as one of four characters and your goal is to travel around the world completing quests and battling strange creatures. You can play alone, with AI competitors, or with real-life people around the world.


Carcassonne was a huge board game and it mixed the elements of some of the better genres in it. It was part strategy, part civilization, and part tile games, equaling a really great time. Carcassonne requires you to lay down your tile in such a way that you claim land and roads, enabling you to build up more as you go. You’ll be able to find this download in the Windows store and although it’s dated a couple of years it still provides hours of fun.


This is one of the best virtual board games around and consistently rated so. Twilight Struggle is in depth and not something you’ll pick up easily, but the time and patience you give it will pay off big time. Twilight Struggle is a war based game where you play 1v1, one player as the US and the other as the Soviet Union. When you find someone worthy of a challenge, you simply take goes whenever you’re able and people have been known to spend years on this game. It’s definitely one for people who like to strategize with a lot of thought and aren’t just looking for some quick action.


Not to be confused with the second in a series, the 2 in Small World only refers to it being the second version with the first as the tabletop one. Small World 2 is a civilization game where one must try and conquer the world. There are small victories and losses as you go, and always new challenges to defeat. This game has plenty of extras that you won’t find on the tabletop version and it’s bright and colorful as well.

The Rise Of The Virtual Board Game

As you can see from our list, the best virtual board games seem to only be getting started. This is a genre that’s growing at the moment as people realize they can get so much more out of this classic pastime when they play them online.

There are so many benefits to playing board games in the digital world, whether they’re old classics you used to love or new and exciting titles. You can challenge yourself, the computer, or players from all over the world, and it still has that nice feel of a tabletop model that made you fall in love with board games in the first place.

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​Take a step back in time to 2011 and have a look around at what the laptop market looked like. There was a huge boom occurring that saw all of the biggest brands trying to create either super powerful and expensive devices or those that were cheap and cheerful, with not many in between.

HP is by far one of the biggest names when it comes to computers, and their range of laptops at this time could definitely fall into either category. Their HP Pavilion G6 was a definite cheap and cheerful contender though, priced at just over $​ for the base  model when it was first released.

Although this laptop has dated quite a bit since the initial release, there are still plenty in circulation. If you’ve been searching for an affordable and possibly refurbished laptop for home and work, you’ll get to know a little more about the HP Pavilion G6 after checking out our comprehensive review.

HP Pavilion Range

Before we can get into what the G6 offers specifically, let’s do some background research on the line of HP Pavilion devices. The Pavilion range is by far the most popular for the computing brand and offers both laptops and desktop computers.

The HP Pavilion line of computers is for home and home office use so their capabilities differ depending on the model. These computers are in competition with other big brands like the Toshiba Satellite range, Acer Aspire computers, and Lenovo’s IdeaPad, just to name a few.

The very first desktop computer launched in the Pavilion line was in 1995 and it was intended to be low cost and high power for the home user. This is a philosophy they still stick to today, although offer a much greater range of notebooks and desktops than ever before.

Today, the HP Pavilion line is still going strong and there are plenty of powerful devices within the range for gamers. The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is a popular choice although a little more expensive than ones like the Pavilion G6, but for those who only want to own a machine that can offer high definition display and smooth gameplay, it’s worth the extra money.

Overview of the HP Pavilion G6 Review

Black headset on top of a white HP laptop

Image Via pexels

The HP Pavilion doesn’t offer anything overly unique in its construction of the features and specs it’s got on board, but its purpose is great value for money in a simple package. When it was first released in 2011, you could get a base model for around $​ which made it exceptionally cheaper than those other brands and models it was in competition with.

Just like other HP Pavilion notebooks, this was designed for home and the home office. It’s got everything you could need to work from home, as well as a bit of entertainment with multimedia, browsing the internet, and looking at pictures, all bundled up in a pretty neat little package.

Looking at the HP Pavilion G6 doesn’t indicate anything unique either, and when lined up with others in its range it could get easily lost. However, it does hold the HP stamp which indicates its quality and signals that one is making a smart investment, provided they’re choosing the right laptop to meet their needs.

In terms of what it can offer gamers, we’ll need to look into that further. This was never designed to be a gaming laptop, that’s for sure, so what type of users would it suit? If you pushed it hard enough and got the available laptops could it be your dream gaming device? We’re going to look into all the specs and features to see what the HP Pavilion G6 really brings to the table.

Price and Upgrades

Like most laptops in this market, you’re given a few options when you purchase one. The base model of the HP Pavilion G6 offers pretty basic features like an Intel Pentium dual-core processor and just 2GB of RAM. If you want your laptop for gaming or multimedia use, this likely isn’t going to cut it.

However, HP has the solution for that and it’s with their upgrade options. Those who want something more serious from their 15.6” laptop can spend an extra $$ or so and get 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, and an Intel Core i3-380M processor.

These figures were all correct at the time of release, which now is over seven years ago. Thankfully, that means people looking for a more powerful version of this laptop can get it because the prices have come down considerably. There are many great refurbished models around that offer these upgrades and now that they’re a few years old, will be even better value.

Top Features and Specs

To really know what a computer has to offer, you need to check out its specs and features. This can show you exactly what it’s capable of and if it’s going to have the right stuff to suit your needs. The slightly upgraded model of the HP Pavilion G6 laptop has:

2.54GHz Intel Core i3-380M processor;

500GB hard drive;

4GB internal memory;

Mobile Intel HM55 Chipset;

Intel GMA Graphics Card;

14.7x9.7 inches for the laptop;

1.2 – 1.4 inches height when closed;

Windows Home Premium operating system;

Overall weight with AC adapter 6.1lbs;

15.6” display screen;

In regards to the ports and features, this is a pretty standard device but is missing some notable ones. There’s no USB 3.0, DisplayPort, ExpressCard, or eSATA slot which means file transfer is going to lack somewhat. However, due to the date it was released and the low cost, this was likely going to be unavoidable.

Design and Feel

Display and Graphics

Performance For Gaming and Other Tasks

Who Would This Laptop Suit?

If you plan on using this laptop more for multimedia, like video and photo editing or watching the occasional movie, you’ll probably get better use from it. For gamers, it’s certainly capable of older generations but you have to be realistic about what it can do.

The best type of user that would benefit from the HP Pavilion G6, even in this day and age, is the home or office user. It’s not capable enough to do every single task you’d need at work but it’s good enough for those general tasks and word processing, as well as being able to unwind and check out Facebook or watch a movie once you get home.

Because it’s now a few years old, the value is even better on this laptop these days. Many of the refurbished models come with upgrades and so long as you can put up with its shortcomings, it’s quite a bargain. Those who don’t require a lot of power from their notebooks will certainly be happy with everything it has to offer.

Is It A Gamer’s Device?

To answer the question about whether the HP Pavilion G6 is a gamer’s dream, the answer is no. Sure, it can play some of the older generations of games and would be quite suitable for those are only interested in retro gaming. However, if you want the latest and greatest games and want to watch them on the display that they were intended for, this isn’t the one for you.

Even with the upgrades, this will still probably fall short as a gaming only device. There’s nothing stopping you from using it now and then to play your old titles, but the performance just won’t cut it when compared to newer models with better specs.

Final Thoughts on the HP Pavilion G6

HP has ensured with their Pavilion line that they’ve made a notebook or desktop computer to suit every single type of user. If you’re a gamer looking to invest in one of their models specifically, the G6 is not going to be the best pick for your needs.

This is a quality computer for use at home or the home office and comes with everything you could ask for in a simple package. Due to the low cost and relatively oldness of the device now, it makes even better value when being used for basic computing tasks and multimedia viewing.

HP has many great laptops and desktop PCs out there for gamers, but the Pavilion G6 isn’t one of them. Although certainly capable and a standout when it was released in 2011, there are some better options out there for those looking for a budget-friendly device that could take care of their gaming needs.

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When people are setting up their gaming space, they often spend a lot of time focused on the computer and its parts. While it’s certainly important to have a quality rig and the right keyboard and chair, the headset is a crucial part that’s sometimes overlooked.

A good wireless gaming headset is essential if you’re going to play online, but many people make the mistake of grabbing any old one and putting it to use. This can seriously impact your game, and not in a good way, so you need to invest in something quality.

The good news is, the market for these headsets is growing. That means more options for features and a greater range in terms of price, so there’s something for everyone. We’ve rounded up the best wireless gaming headsets you can buy, making it easier for you to find your perfect fit.

Comparison Table


Astro A50

ASTRO Gaming A50

Steel Series Arctis 7

SteelSeries Arctis

Astro A20

ASTRO Gaming Astro

Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless

SteelSeries Arctis

PlayStation Gold Headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

Kingston HyperX Cloud Fight

HyperX Cloud Flight

Steel Series Arctis 3 Bluetooth

Razer Thresher

Razer Thresher For Xbox One

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth

The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets

pink headset

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Wireless headphones are an obvious choice for most gamers as they offer the freedom that you just can’t find with wired ones. These are some of the latest and greatest headsets around with choices in every price range to make everyone happy.

#9: Astro A50

ASTRO Gaming A50

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If you’ve got the money to splurge, you may as well go all out and get yourself something amazing like the Astro A50. This is one of their more premium models and it shows, giving you everything you could ever dream of in a gaming headset. There are plenty of features and buttons that you’ll have to learn, but once you master them you’ll know why they were placed there.

Comfort is a huge benefit here and there are options to change the ear cushions as well. As an added bonus, they come with a cool charging dock that lets you drop and go, giving you a full charge in no time at all. Priced at around $300, you can easily see why they have all of these features and more.

#8: Steel Series Arctis 7

SteelSeries Arctis

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Steel Series is known as a premium brand when it comes to wireless gaming headsets and this now the seventh one in the Arctis lineup so they’ve had plenty of time to improve. Although it’s made for all kinds of connections, PC gamers will benefit most because of the Steel Series Engine app you can download.

This has all of the features you’d expect from a headset that costs around $150, including mic monitoring to hear your own voice and the ability to make adjustments to it. The sound quality is above and beyond and it’s super comfortable to suit those long sessions of gaming that go into the night.

#7: Astro A20

ASTRO Gaming Astro

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This is a great multipurpose headset that works for everything including your PC, PS4, and Xbox. Astro is well known for their superior sound gear and it seems they still have what it takes to make gamers happy. You’ll get special little features like a flip switch that quickly and easily mutes the mic or the ability to monitor it so you can hear how you sound.

In terms of price, this isn’t too bad at around $120 brand new. The comfort level could do with a slight upgrade because it’s quite plastic-like, but they save themselves with a lengthy 15 hour battery life. This is a great affordable option for those who don’t need anything too premium.

#6: Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless

Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless

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So far considered the best wireless gaming headset to be released in recent times, the Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless costs around $300. The best thing about these is their sound, and you’ll be hard pressed finding quality and clarity like it anywhere else.

Another great thing is the comfort factor thanks to a ski goggle design that fits around your head with ease and cushioning on the ears. There are plenty of other notable features like rechargeable batteries that you can swap out and fancy RGB lighting just to make your gaming that much better. Sure, they’re costly, but if you’re a serious gamer you know what price is often no object.

#5: PlayStation Gold Headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

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Don’t be fooled by the name, as PlayStation did not discriminate against PC users when they designed this headset. We know that Sony knows a thing or two about making sound devices, so you can trust that they’ll deliver here. The only downside is a mic that could do with improvement, but in terms of sound, it’s a winner.

This mic has a boomless design and you will need to give it some time to master the different settings, but for the crisp sound it delivers it’ll be worth it. There are plenty of other great features like mic monitoring and audio presets that are easily downloadable, and for around $100 it’s fantastic value for money.

#4: Kingston HyperX Cloud Fight

HyperX Cloud Flight

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Kingston and their HyperX headsets try to deliver the best of both worlds with affordability and efficiency. The Cloud Flight model is the best so far in terms of battery life because you’ll get a whopping 30 hours of use out of this headset. They’re superbly comfortable too, which can be hard to find when you’re shopping for this price range.

There is a multitude of options for connection and some of the better audio around. However, small things like no mic monitoring or an inability to see whether you’re on mute or not mark this headset down a little. For $150, it’s a great budget-friendly option and especially for those who always seem to be running low on battery.

#3: Steel Series Arctis 3 Bluetooth

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth

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These are a popular choice for people playing on smaller systems like the Nintendo Switch, but they do just as well when on a PC. The Steel Series Arctis 3 Bluetooth Headsets are affordable too, at around $110 a pop. These can also be used for mobile gaming as they connect with a mobile app, so you’re given more options for play.

Because this is one of the cheaper options you might assume that it’s uncomfortable or that the sound is lacking, and you couldn’t’ be more wrong. They’re padded to perfection and the sound is crisp and clear, so they definitely tick all of the boxes and managed to do so without breaking the bank.

#2: Razer Thresher

If you’re a gamer who prefers comfort over all else, the Razer Thresher headset would make a great choice. Priced at around $150, this is a pretty standard cost for the quality of audio, but the plush ear cushions make it a cut above the rest. Using a headband design it’s flexible and supportive, and ideal for people wearing glasses.

Razer Thresher For Xbox One

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One downside is no mic monitoring and noise cancellation that is so intense you won’t be able to hear yourself speak. You do need to change the batteries, but for an extra cost, you can upgrade to the Thresher Ultimate which comes with a charging dock, so it really depends on what your preferences are.

#1: Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth


Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth

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Affordability is key with this headset, and at just $100 the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth is definitely great value for money. You’ll get most of the features that you find on premium headsets like different audio modes and flipping mute mic switch, but just without the high cost.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Steal is made from plastic so don’t expect the most luxurious feel. There are other benefits that almost outweigh this though, like 15 hours of battery life and a really long range when compared to others. Depending on what your main preferences are for gaming, these could be just what you’re looking for.

The Essential Features to Look For In A Headset

Just as you would spend hours weighing up the best laptops for gaming or what keyboard would serve you better, so too should you spend some time choosing a headset. This important communication tool also helps you get better sound when gaming, but it’s a matter of choosing one with the right features.

Connection type

This will show you the compatibility that a headset has, as they aren’t all made for computer gamers. In terms of wireless headsets, you’ll want to look for wireless USB or Bluetooth but also make sure that it’s made for PC.


Comfort has huge importance when buying a headset for gaming because most gamers spend hours a day playing. Look for things like padded ears or specific features to suit those with glasses or any other needs you might have.


The weight of a wireless headset will also come into the comfort somewhat but it can also be about quality and durability. The aim is to go for something lightweight but made with materials that are going to last.


An essential part of online gaming, your microphone will be an important feature to look for. You’ll have to choose one that’s part of the headset or two separate pieces, and also whether you want an omnidirectional which gets sound from all directions or a unidirectional mic.Battery

Wireless headphones give you more freedom but it comes at a cost. Look for one with extended battery life or the option to recharge, which will ultimately save money over the years.

Open or closed

A closed headset has a cup shape around the speaker which means less noise coming in from around you. An open headset allows for more natural noise to come in, but you can keep that at a minimum depending on where you game.

Sound quality 

For the best results in sound, choose something that offers a surround sound experience. This can be beneficial for your gaming as you’ll hear better where certain sounds are coming from, like the direction of gunfire.


Check out what warranty is offered on the wireless headset to get an indication of its quality. Anything less than 12 months should be avoided at all costs. For those on the more expensive side of things, a longer warranty seems like a fair trade-off for a high price.

Spare parts availability

Devices like these have been known to break at times, mainly from overuse, so check out the availability of spare parts. Do a quick online search of the make and model to see what’s available so you don’t have to purchase a whole new headset if something goes wrong.

The Importance of A Quality Headset

Even if you don’t spend a lot of your time gaming online, a quality headset can still deliver the sound experience you need with gaming. Although we often focus on the visual aspect of games, having immersive sound can be just important.

Any of these wireless gaming headsets would be a welcome addition to your gaming setup, but it just depends on where your preferences lie. Some like budget friendly whereas others want the latest tech, so there’s never going to be one single headset that suits us all.

With more and more brands now releasing wireless gaming headsets, we’re seeing a jump in technology and features but at a much friendlier price. This means there’s no excuse these days not to have one of the best wireless gaming headsets at your disposal and bringing a whole new element of fun to your favorite pastime.


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​In a way, you could class any PC game as one requiring strategy, but the strategy genre itself is a special one. Any game that has a series of choices that one must make in order to be victorious or fail is what sets these apart from the rest, and they require a whole lot of dedication and patience to get them right.

The strategy genre has been lucky enough to have many classic titles within it over the years, and some of the most iconic games ever made for PC are within this category. With that in mind, we’re here to look back at 20 of the best strategy games ever released and what made them so special to us gamers.


StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • Fast-paced, hard-hitting, tightly balanced competitive real-time strategy gameplay that recaptures and improves on the original game
  • Three completely distinct races: Protoss, Terran, and Zerg
  • Units and gameplay mechanics distinguish each race
  • 3D-graphics engine with support for visual effects and massive unit and army sizes
  • Full multiplayer support, with competitive features and matchmaking utilities available through

This real-time strategy game has always been a favorite but has also divided fans who loved the first StarCraft. There’s no doubt that its production values far outweigh most in the genre for its time and its story is enough to draw anyone in. As you wage war across the galaxy, you’ll get lost in this game for hours and have to rely on your smarts to be victorious. Not only that, you’re given multiple ways to play so you’ll never get bored.

Rise of Nations Gold - PC
  • Lead 1 of 24 diverse nations in this epic, historical, real-time strategy game
  • Engage in 5 single player campaigns and over 130 scenarios
  • Brings to life 6,000 years of history from the ancient age to the information age
  • 6 new nations, 4 unique single-player campaigns, 20+ original units, and more
  • No online play available

Although this game is quite dated now, with over 15 years since its release, it’s still one of the best executed RTS titles in history. Rise of Nations did so many things that were unique to the genre and still by today’s standards, making it an instant stand out. This innovative game changed the way we control the map and got rid of a lot of problems that most others struggled with. If you like your strategy games with a lot of history behind them, this is a great one that spans it all.

Company of Heroes 2 - PC
  • Blood and Snow Take command of the iconic Red Army on the Eastern Front and repel the Nazi invaders in the most brutal conflict of World War 2
  • Next Generation RTS The sequel to the highest rated RTS title of all time is pushing the boundaries of the RTS genre with new TrueSight and Dynamic Battle Tactics gameplay mechanics
  • Essence 3.0 Built on the latest rendition of Relic Entertainment?s state of the art proprietary engine, Company of Heroes 2 pushes the graphical and gameplay boundaries of the RTS genre
  • Tactical Expertise Develop and utilize your commander abilities based on your tactical preference and taste for war. Mold and customize your army to suit your individual playstyle before delivering tactical blows to annihilate your enemies
  • Competitive Multiplayer Featuring the great competitive multiplayer that fans have grown to expect from the Company of Heroes franchise

This strategy game showed a side of war that we don’t usually get to see when we’re gaming, especially when it comes to strategy titles. With a focus on the human side of things and especially the soldiers that do battle for us, this is one that will tug at the heartstrings. Ardennes Assault looks at the morality of war but also being precious with your resources which are very real things to face in battle. The graphics are dynamic and beautiful and it feels a lot more realistic than some strategy games. With an open-ended playing feel, there’s no limit to how many hours you can enjoy this World War II saga for.

History Channel Civil War: Secret Missions - Playstation 3
  • Assume the role of Union and Confederate soldiers fighting behind enemy lines in legendary battles
  • Your goal is to disrupt the armies of both the North and the South by any means necessary, including conducting train raids, stealing ironclad ships, stopping enemy supply lines, destroying enemy artillery and more
  • All events are drawn from the real life actions of famous partisans, scouts and rangers
  • Fight as a member of Mosby's Rangers, Sheridan's Scouts and Grant's Secret Service
  • Receive your mission commands from famous generals including Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Ulysses Grant

For those who like simplicity in their gameplay but still require a challenge, Ultimate General: Gettysburg might be just what you’re after. Although it may look easy, you really have to pay close attention to what you’re doing and you’ll soon see how deep the gameplay goes. This RTS is a Civil War based title that lets you decide your own ending, but it’s a matter of skill just as much as it is strategy. Although a few years old now, it’s still a heap of fun to play.

WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos
  • Blizzard
  • Video Game
  • Italian, English

One of the biggest and best in the genre is WarCraft III, and it managed to be even better than the first two. This is not for those who like to take things slowly though, as you’ll need to be willing to roll with the punches as soon as they happen and think on your feet. The map was innovative in itself and the gameplay was vibrant. Now 16 years old, it shows no sign of aging and would be just as well received today as it was back then.

We all remember the days of SimCity, and how many others tried to emulate it. Cities: Skylines has done the best job so far but made this game even more open-ended and full of options. You’ll get to build your city just as you need it and one can easily get lost for hours in the city planning that takes place. This game works just as well as a hobby and a serious challenge, with strategy being the number one skill you need.

This is a seriously epic strategy game set in the Middle Ages, and not as neatly laid out as you might imagine. There’s chaos everywhere when you play Crusader Kings II so you have to be cool under the pressure. The sequel to Crusader Kings was released in 2012 and is still loved today, with the focus on each individual character making it a real standout in the strategy genre. If you like your games with a little more emotion and a lot more individuality in characters and storyline, it’s definitely one to check out.

Starcraft II Battle Chest - PC Standard Edition
  • Wings of Liberty
  • Heart of the Swarm
  • Legacy of the Void

For many fans of the genre, StarCraft: Brood War will always be their number one. This sci-fi game did what no other could do and managed to mix science, storytelling, and skill together to create one epic game. Sometimes, you’ll feel as though you’re watching an award-winning sci-fi movie and other times you’ll be so lost in the fun that you won’t even know your own name.

FTL Starships - Space Combat
  • Racing FTL Star Ships
  • Steer your ship to avoid collision
  • Collect items to power-up
  • Share your scores on leader board

This real-time strategy game is not for the faint-hearted, and you’ll likely be sitting on the edge of your gaming chair every time you play. Faster Than Light is set in space and you must make your way through the sky fighting off bad guys and rebels, or battling with other ships. There’s no end to the drama and although the graphics might seem a little basic, you’ll barely notice them once you get stuck into the action. FTL is a few years old now but we have a feeling it’ll be considered a classic forever.

Mount & Blade - PC
  • Mount & Blade offers a realistic world, where some quests are resolved through the world's own dynamics.
  • A demanding game with a high degree of concentration and user involvement.
  • Innovative battles take place with your character on the horseback.

Although some might not consider Mount & Blade to be a strategy game, we think they’d be wrong. Warband focuses a lot on skill-based combat which can throw some, but there’s a whole lot of strategy at play. You’ll need to direct your men through battle and make important choices to do with power, which is the marker of a great strategy game. There’s no end to how you can play it and although it’s a little rough around the edges, it’s definitely one of the better choices.

Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War 2 Master Collection (PC)
  • Dawn of War II
  • Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising
  • Dawn of War II - Retribution

Fans of Warhammer will often fight over which is best, the original or the sequel, but in terms of entertainment value, the second would have to win. This is war, but not as you know it, as you’re in charge of space marines and their battle for the galaxy. The storytelling and graphics are amazing which can sometimes make it feel as though you’re watching a movie rather than strategizing. There’s no shortage of challenges or puzzles to solve, so you’ll always be thinking of your next move.

Stardew Valley: Collector's Edition - PlayStation 4
  • Turn an overgrown field into a lively farm! Raise animals, start an orchard, craft useful machines, and more!
  • Improve your skills over time. As you make your way from a struggling greenhorn to a master farmer, you'll level up in 5 different areas: farming, mining, combat, fishing, and foraging.
  • Become a part of the local community. Over 30 unique characters living in Stardew Valley, each with their own daily schedule, birthday, unique mini-cutscenes, and new things to say throughout the week and year.
  • Explore a vast, mysterious cave. Encounter new and dangerous monsters, powerful weapons, new environments, valuable gemstones, and other treasures as you venture deeper underground!
  • Craft bait, bobbers, and crab pots to help you in your journey toward catching every fish and becoming a local legend!

If war scenarios or space battles seem a little too intense for you, but you still like to keep your brain working with strategy, why not check out the farming sim Stardew Valley. There’s so much to do here that you’ll easily waste hours without even realizing. You can plant crops, learn about which ones make more profits, and learn how to manage the busy schedule of farm life. This is as close as you’ll ever come to having your own farm, but without the added pressure of milking the cows yourself.

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance - PC
  • New Playable Faction - The Seraphim will offer a completely new playable faction in multiplayer games and serve as the main threat during the new single-player campaign. The Seraphim are a cunning and devious race with advanced technology and are true masters of quantum technology.
  • New weapons, new strategies, new conquests!
  • New Units - 110 new land, sea, air, base and experimental units evolve armies to address strategic weaknesses or become the ultimate expressions of factional military doctrine.
  • Warfare on an Epic Scale - Fully realized navies, orbital weaponry, advanced counter intelligence technologies, suicide weapons and sneak attacks give commanders unprecedented, deadly new capabilities in what is already the most strategic RTS on the market today.
  • New Multiplayer Maps - 12 new multiplayer maps provide new battlegrounds or players to prove their supremacy.

By far the most intense and serious title on our list is Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. This is a game that’s reserved for those who really love their strategy games and are willing to give it their all. You’ll need to know every minor detail about resources or look out for quick chances to strike at the enemy. Don’t play if you’ve got something else going on in the background, otherwise, you won’t last very long.

Sid Meier's Civilization V - PC
  • Successful diplomacy will depend on players carefully managing relationships with other leaders
  • Expanded visuals and immersive audio invite would-be kings to take up the reigns of power and forge a mighty empire
  • An intuitive interface eases both new players and Civ veterans into the game
  • The addition of ranged bombardment allows players to fire weapons from behind the front lines
  • Choose one of eighteen historical civilizations to lead from the stone-age to the space age

The man responsible for the huge boom in sim games showed his worth with Civilization V. The major change that made this one a standout from the others was having just one military unit per square. This is a perfectly rounded game that gives you hours and hours of play, and civilizations that are so huge you’ll barely get to cover them all.

Total War: Warhammer Limited Edition (PC)
  • •Metal Pak Case •Total War: WARHAMMER 'Insider Guide'

If you’re thinking this list is missing some dragon action, we have you covered. The hugely successful Total War: Warhammer II has dragons aplenty along with many other fantasy themes and characters. You’ll be able to work your way through knights, demons, and battle armies that are so diverse it’ll make your head spin.

Master of Orion 3 - PC
  • , not just military and economic consequences.
  • Slick and intuitive interface makes navigation and gameplay a snap for novice players.
  • Complete campaigns to satisfy would-be galactic conquerors.
  • Robust Multiplayer lets 8 players slug it out for galactic domination.
  • Manage policies dealing with freedom and oppression, slavery, and racial tolerance. Will your civilization thrive better as an oppressive tyranny, a free republic, a unified theocracy, or something in-between?

Going way back when to 1996, Master of Orion II is one game that has managed to stand the test of time. You wouldn’t be comparing its graphics to anything today, but in terms of gameplay and the options available for you to control, it can’t be beaten. You’ll be able to design your own alien race or create unique superweapons to use in battle. Other games have tried to copy Master of Orion II but failed miserably, so why not just go straight to the source?

XCOM 2 - PlayStation 4
  • XCOM ON THE RUN: Take command of the Avenger, an alien supply craft converted to XCOM's mobile headquarters.
  • RECRUIT RESISTANCE FIGHTERS: Five soldier classes, each with its own skill tree, let you create specific soldiers for your tactical plan.
  • TACTICAL GUERRILLA COMBAT: New gameplay systems offer more tactical flexibility in combat. Use concealment to ambush enemy patrols.

This one looks quite different from the other strategy titles in a game, but it all works well. As a rebooted version of XCOM that was orchestrated by Firaxis, it worked better than what anyone anticipated. The campaigns in this are a lot more complex to organize and you’ll get a whole range of soldier types to choose from, but the rewards for your hard work and strategy are more than worth it.

Age of Mythology - PC
  • The game is only played on the computer and is not available for online play.
  • In this exciting real-time strategy game, youplay as either the ancient Greeks, Norse or Egyptians. All three are vying for control of the world, and you must help your chosen side to succeed!
  • To control more territory, you'll have to arrange armies, handle diplomacy and manage trade
  • Technological improvements combine with supernatural power as you develop your sciences and call upon the ancient gods
  • Rain down lightning on an opposing army, demolish enemy camps with earthquakes, and sink a navy with a tidal wave -- you'll see it all happen in real-time with incredibly detailed special effects

When you think of classic strategy games, Age of Mythology is one that comes to people’s minds instantly. The difference between this game and others from eras gone by is that it actually still holds up today. You’ll be covering almost every mythology you can think of including Greek and Egyptian s it’s a great history lesson as well. As you slay your enemies and work your way through the campaigns, you’ll realize that they just don’t make them like this anymore.

Shogun 2 Total War Complete Ed. PC
  • Total War: Shogun 2
  • Total War: Shogun 2 - Rise of the Samurai
  • Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai

Total War has released its fair share of strategy games but none came close to Shogun 2. What makes this so cool is that we’ve never seen this period covered before as it looks at the rise of Japan. You’ll have to make plenty of tough choices playing this game and even some decisions that mean no win, either way, so be prepared to make some sacrifices along the way.

Europa Universalis 2 - PC
  • Real-time strategy game set in 15th- through 18th-century Europe
  • Play the medieval campaigns of Jeanne D'Arc to the massive wars of Napoleon
  • Intuitive interface and combat system
  • Lead any of 140 nations with historical leaders and national research
  • For 1 to 8 players using Internet or LAN connection

Now 5 years since its release, Europa Universalis II still stands out as the best from this franchise. In order to keep people playing, there’s been countless free content released that helps to flesh out the map and give you even more challenges. You’ll need to do more than just strategize base issues as you deal with the most minute details. However, it’s all presented with one of the best interfaces we’ve ever seen in a strategy game and can make even the hardest decisions seem easy to understand.

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The Asus Transformer T100TA was released in 2014 as part of the popular Transformer range, but this hybrid 2-in-1 notebook was a lot more serious than others from the brand. We’re here to review the T100TA to see what it offers, but also check out the other notebooks that make up the T100 family to investigate what features they have.


The Asus Transformer T100TA is a powerful notebook that finally achieves what these hybrids seem to have been reaching for all of these years. Not only is it compact and lightweight, it’s priced within most people’s budgets, and it’s actually powerful enough to do more than just typing some work emails or browsing on Facebook.

The T100TA is part of a larger family of notebook hybrids released by Asus in the T100 range. From there, the Transformer series spans even more tablets, notebooks, and hybrids so it seems they know a thing or two about these products.

We’re going to delve more specifically into the Asus Transformer T100TA to see what features and specs it has to offer, and more specifically whether it’s up to the task of gaming. We’ll also look at the other products in the T100 family to see what they bring to the table so we can decide if any of them are worth investing in for your portable gaming needs.

The History Of The Asus Transformer

Although we use them regularly today, tablets and hybrids weren’t always around in the world of computers and personal devices. When Asus released the very first Transformer in 2011, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, it set to change the world with its compact size but serious capabilities.

Of course, by today’s standards, the Eee Pad Transformer wouldn’t be considered that great, however, the T100 products released under this same range are still quite impressive. The brand moved away from smaller tablets into fully functioning notebooks that could also convert into tablets, so they managed to capture the needs or more than just one type of user.

The Asus Transformer T100TA was released in 2014 and it couldn’t have come at a better time. There were many tablets out there that were offering a chance for portability and a bit of power, but because many of them were powered by a mobile OS, they just didn’t have the functionality of a desktop PC.

When the T100TA came out, it changed that all. This device was fully functional and ran on Windows 8.1 with the added bonus of being able to use it as a tablet or a netbook. There were other hybrids around that could do this to a degree, but usually, they were three times the price of the Asus Transformer models, and so this one quickly rose to the top.

Design and Details

The Transformer Book T100TA is compact in size, measuring in at about 10.5 x 6.75 inches and .41 inches thick when it’s a table compared to just 0.93 inches with the keyboard attached. In terms of size, it’s pretty much the same as others on the market with semi-comparable specs, but those don’t come with a keyboard standard.

The T100TA isn’t the nicest to look at, and that’s thanks to the hard plastic casing, but they have made an effort to round the edges and try to improve it somewhat. Although it doesn’t look the nicest, it certainly feels it, and whether you’re working on it or carrying it around, you’ll surely notice the effort they’ve gone to in this area.

When using just the tablet alone, it’s incredibly light at 1.23lbs and you’ll barely notice it in your bag or hand. If you want to use the keyboard, which comes included at no extra cost, this will only add another couple pounds so overall it’s lightweight. Detaching and reattaching is easy as well with a simple push-button latch.

Top Features

The T100TA is a pretty versatile machine and it wasn’t made just to suit one group of users. Check out the top features and specs that this Asus Transformer model offers and what good they might be able to do you.

16:9 ratio and 1366 x 768 resolution;

10.1 inch screen;

IPS display for viewing at all angles;

1.2MP camera built in;

Intel Bay Trail Quad Core Processor;

SonicMaster audio and stereo speakers;

Dual Band Wi-Fi and superfast USB 3.0 ports;

Micro USB port for fast charging;

Hard plastic case and metallic finish;

Three colors to choose from in grey, red, and white;

Micro HDMI port and MicroSD card reader;

Multi-touch screen and touchpad;


The key thing that any gamer wants to know about is performance, and the Asus Transformer T100TA does a lot better than you’d think. This hybrid features an Intel Atom Z3740 processor and Intel HD Graphics card as standard. The memory is somewhat lacking at just 2GB system memory but there’s also 64GB SSD.

This was just one of the first few devices to use the Bay Trail Architecture so it was also one of the first times that Windows users were able to experience it. All of these features put together means you can do some gaming on the T100TA, depending on the era of games and what resolution you’re playing it on.

Another notable point about its performance is the seriously long battery life, meaning you’ll get just over 11 hours of play time without needing to recharge. Because it’s light and convertible, you can also take it wherever you go. For gamers who want to travel with their system, this could definitely be a good option.

This was the very first of the T100 family to be released in 2013 and by today’s standards, it’s a little dated. However, at the time it was legendary stuff, and for those looking for a budget-friendly PC that can go between the office, it’s probably still a decent find. For those looking for a gaming device though, you’ll need to keep shopping around.

The Asus Transformer T100 was an absolute steal when it was first released at around $350, with this price only coming down in recent years. The only real issue was the keyboard which users found to be a bit cramped, but other than that it ran like a dream.

With a 10 inch screen, Windows 8.1 as standard, 32GB Intel HD Graphics, and Bay Trail Atom Processor, so for something so small it was pretty impressive. This device was designed for basic home and office use, so don’t go expecting to do serious gaming with it.

Asus Transformer Book T200

In 2015, Asus released their second addition to the T100 family, the aptly named T200. This device was great for basic use but because of the lacking resolution, it just couldn’t cut it as a gaming machine. Compared to other tablets of its era that offered HD display, the Asus simply wasn’t as good.

With an 11.6-inch touchscreen IPS display and 1366 x 768 resolution, it wouldn’t be good for much more than watching some movies and working on documents. A lack of pixel density at 135ppi made this pretty underwhelming in the grand scheme of things.

That doesn’t mean it was a total failure though, as it still ticked all of the boxes for what most people look for in a PC. It was affordable, compact, came with all of the features at no extra cost, and had a comfortable touchpad and keyboard. For those using it at the home and office, there’s nothing missing that you’d need.

As an added bonus, you get a hard drive storage bay included with this device. A lack of storage is what set many of the others back so it’s good to see that Asus still knows about their customer base. Although not really achieving everything performance-wise for gaming and multimedia, everything else about the T200 is great for the price.

The Asus Transformer Book T300 was also known as the Chi T300 and cost around $600 when first released. It’s evident that Asus was starting to charge more for their hybrids due to the improvements they were making, and these devices were still a lot cheaper than others on the market at the same time.

The T300 had an updated resolution from the last one, and now it offers HD display. This means for gaming and multimedia, things have certainly improved. The base model has a 128GB SSD and with upgrades, you can get the RAM to 8GB and the resolution to 2560 x 1440, compared to the standard 1920 x 1080.

Paying the extra money for upgrades is a smart decision for gamers, but if you’re not interested in using this for fun then don’t bother. The design is a little awkward due to the seemingly wrongly placed power button and it’s pretty easy to turn it to sleep without even realizing. However, Asus managed to keep the keyboard attachment easy to use just like their other models, and a lot better than many other competitors have ever done.

The battery life was another area that lacked, which was a shame to see given how well it performed on other members of the T100 family. With a 12.5 inch screen, it’s gotten a little bigger and had an improved HD display as well. Wireless, Bluetooth, and Windows 8.1 are all standard in the base model, so it’s got the basics of what you’d need.

The Trio was released in 2014 and was the attempt to fuse an Android tablet with a Windows 8 notebook. While it definitely managed to do that, there were some design details that made this one of the least popular devices in the T100 range.

They didn’t manage to give the lightweight feel that the others had and the keyboard dock even weighed more than the tablet itself. For an 11.6 inch device it’s quite heavy, however, this is because they’ve managed to put all of the hardware into the keyboard, including CPU and RAM.

The Trio makes it very easy to switch between either notebook or tablet and this continues to be a strong point for the Asus Transformer T100 family. For the gamers, this is one of the better choices in the range thanks to a Z2560 CPU, 16GB of storage, 2GB of RAM and Atom CPU.

It performed well in benchmark tests and could even run some demanding games from the era as well as browse busy pages and watching HD movies. This is definitely a better option for those who want the compactness of the T100 with a little more power (and weight) built into it.

An Innovative And Powerful Range

When Asus launched their Transformer range of hybrids, they were doing to so to create an affordable, compact, but innovative device. The T100 took off where the earlier models left off and still offers this, including the Asus Transformer T100TO which is a great choice for those shopping around for a PC on a budget.

While these ones might not be the first choice for gaming, they can do a pretty solid job of supporting your medium end gaming applications. The Transformer range also features a number of other netbooks that were more designed for gaming, including ROG systems that are mirrored from their very popular line of gaming desktops and laptops.

Asus continues to impress the tech world with their innovations and there’s no denying that the first Transformer changed things forever. These netbooks represent a time when the compromise was finally met between portability and compactness and running a full and powerful system, and they do so at a fraction of the cost.


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woman wearing a headset

 When it comes to PC gaming, the audio is just as important as the visual when creating an immersive experience. To upgrade your audio, you’ll want to check out the best gaming headphones and headsets of 2018 to see what the pick of the year is.

Adding a quality gaming headset or headphones to your setup can do wonders for the overall experience. Yet, it’s something that many gamers leave until last to invest in. With the addition of one of these devices, you’ll increase your stealth, make a more immersive experience, and heighten the quality of your gaming experience, so what’s not to love?

If you’re in the market for some new sound, check out our list of the best gaming headphones and headsets of 2018. Within this list, we’ve found wired and wireless, budget-friendly, premium, those with plenty of features and some that are simple, so there’s sure to be one that fits your requirements.


Preview Product
SteelSeries Arctis Pro High Fidelity Gaming Headset - Hi-Res Speaker Drivers - DTS Headphone:X v2.0 Surround for PC SteelSeries Arctis Pro High Fidelity Gaming Headset - Hi-Res Speaker Drivers - DTS Headphone:X v2.0...
Razer ManO'War 7.1: Surround Sound - Quick Action Controls - Unidirectional Retractable Mic - Gaming Headset Works with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, & Mobile Devices Razer ManO'War 7.1: Surround Sound - Quick Action Controls - Unidirectional Retractable Mic - Gaming...
Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition HD 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition HD 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset - Black/Green - Xbox One + PC ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset - Black/Green - Xbox One + PC
HyperX Cloud Revolver S - Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound - Steel Frame - Signature Memory Foam - Premium Leatherette - Detachable noise-cancellation microphone HyperX Cloud Revolver S - Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound - Steel Frame - Signature...
Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset with Pro Grade Mic for Pc, PC VR, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset with Pro Grade Mic for Pc, PC VR, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4,...
HyperX Cloud Flight - Wireless Gaming Headset, with Long Lasting Battery Up to 30 hours of Use, Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone, Red LED Light, Bass, Comfortable Memory Foam, PS4, PC, PS4 Pro HyperX Cloud Flight - Wireless Gaming Headset, with Long Lasting Battery Up to 30 hours of Use,...
ASTRO Gaming A20 Wireless Headset, Black/Green - Xbox One/PC/MAC (Renewed) ASTRO Gaming A20 Wireless Headset, Black/Green - Xbox One/PC/MAC (Renewed)
Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset - ComforTec Fit System and TruSpeak Technology -Xbox One, PS4, PC and Mobile Gaming - Xbox One Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset - ComforTec Fit System and TruSpeak Technology...
SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset - Lossless High Fidelity Wireless + Bluetooth for PS4 and PC SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset - Lossless High Fidelity Wireless + Bluetooth for PS4...
CORSAIR HS50 - Stereo Gaming Headset - Discord Certified Headphones - Works with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android – Carbon CORSAIR HS50 - Stereo Gaming Headset - Discord Certified Headphones - Works with PC, Mac, Xbox One,...
ASUS ROG Centurion True 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PC/Console with USB Control Box ASUS ROG Centurion True 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PC/Console with USB Control Box
CORSAIR HS70 SE Wireless - 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset - Discord Certified Headphones - Special Edition CORSAIR HS70 SE Wireless - 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset - Discord Certified Headphones -...
beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive Gaming Headset beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive Gaming Headset
CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset - Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones for PC - Discord Certified - 50mm Drivers - Carbon CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset - Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones for PC - Discord...

SteelSeries is pretty good at making gaming audio and this range especially is known for the high-quality audio. You’ll get surround sound, which could do with a little improvement, but it will definitely add some more quality to your game because of the sheer quality of the sound. It also includes a digital to audio converter which means these are great for movies, music, and more. These are mid-range in price but premium in sound quality, so a great choice for audiophiles.

Who would have thought something so cheap could be so good? The Razer ManO’War might be a bit bulky compared to others on our list but you won’t be uncomfortable thanks to its plush ear cups. These headphones come with Chroma RGB lighting that you can customize so it’ll really accentuate your gaming setup. This is an easy to use product that suits tech beginners and it only requires a USB receiver to set up.

Comfort is key when it comes to the Creative Sound Blaster X H7 Tournament edition, so it’s perfect for those gamers who play for seriously long stretches. This is definitely one of the more stylish additions to our list but that doesn’t mean it sacrificed on sound quality. This is a serious upgrade to their previous models in looks and sound quality, and it delivers some of the crispest audio around to make any gamer happy. The cost is pretty standard at around $150 so you don’t have to break the b bank just to get this level of audio quality.

If you’re a gamer who likes the freedom of wireless headphones, check out the Astro A50 Wireless. Sure, you can expect to pay around double what most of these others cost, but it’s well worth it. The A50 wireless has a charging dock, unidirectional noise-canceling mic, and Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound, just to name a few features. This is for serious gamers who want nothing less than the best and are happy to pay for it.

Coming in at the lower end of the price scale is the HyperX Could Revolver S. These amazing headphones might be budget friendly but feel like a premium product. With 7.1 channel surround sound courtesy of Dolby and absolute comfort, you’ll be forgiven for thinking these are a lot more expensive than they are. One notable downside is the detachable mic which is more awkward than helpful, so maybe something for them to remember next time.

Super cheap and super simple seems to be the motto that Logitech is going for with the G Pro Gaming Headset. These headphones are pretty great in terms of sound quality which is amazing for its price. The comfort is also exceptional, and they’ve managed to get these two things right by basically stripping away any other features. This is simple and gets the job done, perfect for those who don’t want to make a fuss.

Do you find yourself constantly running out of battery and cursing the fact that you didn’t upgrade to something with a longer life? The HyperX Cloud Flight headset and headphones might be your answer. These headphones come with a huge 30-hour battery life which translates to about two full days of gaming. Sadly, there’s no surround sound, but some might be okay with that as they can easily adjust settings using the Dolby Access app.

Another great addition to the list from Astro is their more reasonably priced A20 headphones. These cost a lot less but still offer exceptional stereo sound and in a neat little wireless package. You’ll get about 15 hours of battery which is pretty standard and it’s comfortable while being durable. This ticks all of the basic boxes for the best gaming headphones and headset but without all of the pizazz.

Seriously expensive and for serious gamers, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament headphones are the way to go if you take your passion a little further than most. These are super comfortable and luxurious padded, but if you want something that doesn’t look like gaming headphones then keep shopping. Using 50mm sound drivers it delivers some of the best audio around, as long as you can look past the orange design.

SteelSeries can make exceptional headphones both wired and wireless, and this is the wireless version that proves that. These give you lossless audio that you’d usually find in a wired set, but with all the benefits of no cords. They might cost a little extra but they’re worth it, if only for the dual battery charging system that means you’ll never have to stop gaming because of a flat battery ever again.

You’ll be hard pressed finding another gaming headset for this price that comes with as much quality as the Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset. For around $50 you’ll get serious amazing sound and comfort that means you can play all day and night without an issue. Even the mic is amazing which means they’ve delivered on every front. This is affordable but without many of the bells and whistles that the others have, so if you prefer low cost over high features, this is a great choice.

If their computers are anything to go by, then you’re going to love the Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 headset. These headphones deliver fantastic spatial sound that adds reality to your gaming that you probably never experienced before. They’re expensive and a bit more work because of an onboard amp, but these small problems aside they are one of the better picks. As an added bonus, you can transfer the sound to an external speaker to really get your gaming juices flowing.

This headset is great for those who like the separate mic from their headphones. Corsair has improved on the last model of the headphones by making them wireless, improving the look, and also adding surround sound audio. One downfall is the mic can be hard to store as there’s nowhere on the set to do so, which is kind of annoying when you’ve got a gaming setup to keep organized. For a budget-friendly option that still delivers high-quality sound, the Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset is a great choice.

These headphones are designed for gamers who spend long hours enjoying their favorite hobby, which is probably all of us. Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a headset that knows the important areas and aims to please in them. The comfort levels are phenomenal and the sound is even better, so that’s more than enough to impress gamers. Expect to pay a little more for the pleasure of using these, but your gameplay will thank you for it.

Some might be fooled into thinking that these headphones are all RGB, but we should disclose that it’s only the logo that does the honors. This problem aside, the Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless headsets are exceptionally built and will likely last your gaming setup for years. You’re able to sync the small lighting to the rest of your rig and it’ll look pretty darn cool while you do it. These headphones offer excellent sound quality and many of the features that make gamers happy but be prepared to pay a little extra for it.


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asus transformer

Asus has been responsible for many innovative products over the years, and their Asus Transformer range is no exception. We’re going to take a look back at what each of these models offered and the hole in the market that Asus was able to fill with their arrival on the scene.

When you think of the biggest brands in computers, Asus is definitely at the top of many people’s lists. This creative brand has been making innovative products to suit all sectors of the markets for decades, and when they bring out something new, we all sit up and take notice.

The Asus Transformer was a huge range for them and within this range, there were a few different models. The Asus Transformer Pad, Book, and Book Flip each offered something to consumers that the other didn’t and were able to grab a share of the market that had previously been unattended.

We’re going to take a detailed look at the products in the Asus Transformer range and what their best features were. For the gamers who want to know if these devices would be suitable, there’s a little more you’ll have to know about their specs and features before you go adding them to your gaming setup.

The History Behind The Asus Transformer Range

Asus Transformer Range

These days, there’s not a computer brand out there that doesn’t have their own range of tablet computer hybrids. Asus can say that they were one of the first though; taking a huge risk releasing their tablets that would revolutionize the way people used their devices forever.

In January 2011, they released a huge line up of different tablets, one of which was the Asus Transformer. As one of the cheaper but fully featured and functional ones in their line up, it quickly became known as the best.

Compared to the other models, the Transformer was also more widely available which means more and more people were able to experience the tablet revolution. They didn’t wait long for an upgrade though, and it was released at the end of the first year that they came out that there would be many more models coming soon.

Further Models Of The Asus Transformer

Asus Transformer

The second Transformer to be released, the Transformer Prime TF201, was even more popular than the first. It was lighter and slimmer than the first, plus looked stylish and felt more durable. In terms of features, it wasn’t too much different, but the other updates made it a standout. By now, Asus had well and truly cemented themselves as leaders in the tablet game.

These devices ushered in a whole new era for computers and personal devices. Tablets and hybrids like these meant people were able to work not just in the home or office, or even anywhere their laptops had been, but you now had a completely portable and easy-to-use personal device that did everything your computer could.

No longer satisfied with just making simple devices that could help out with word processing or writing work emails, Asus stepped up to make these serious entertainment machines as well. With powerful processors and specs that meant some were considered enviable gaming devices, they managed to tap into almost every aspect of the notebook market with just one range.

Asus Transformer Pad

Asus Transformer Pad

These were the more basic of the bunch, and in a simple pad design, hence the name. The Asus Transformer pads run on Google’s Android operating system and work just like a basic tablet. They’re detachable 2-in-1 devices that mean you can choose the best way to use them, depending on your needs.

Because they only run Android, you won’t get as many functions as you would with a laptop or notebook style. Here are some of the models that featured in the Pad range.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (TF101) 10.1-inch, 16GB, Android Tablet - 1GB RAM, Android 3.2, NVidia GEForce
  • 10.1" WSVGA (1280x800) IPS Capacitive LED Touchscreen; Android 3.2 Operating System
  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU; 1GB of DDR2 SDRAM, 1 slot, 1GB Max; 16GB Internal Flash Memory; Wireless 802.11bgn; Bluetooth 2.1
  • Mini HDMI Port; Micro SD Card Slot; 1.2MP (front) and 5.0MP (rear) Webcam
  • GPS; Gravity Sensor; E-Compass; Light Sensor; Gyroscope; 24.4Wh Lithium Polymer Battery (Up to 9.5 Hours Battery Life)
  • 40-Pin Docking Port for Optional Keyboard (Keyboard Not included)/Docking Station (Model Name: TF101 DOCKING)

The very first Transformer released in 2011 by Asus. This model came with an optional docking keyboard, 10.1” IPS touchscreen, Nvidia Tegra 2system-on-a-chip, and resolution of 1280 x 800.

ASUS Transformer Prime TF201-B1-GR Eee Pad 10.1-Inch 32GB Tablet (Amethyst Gray)
  • Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgradable) with ASUS Waveshare UI
  • NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core CPU
  • 10.1" LED Backlight WXGA (1280x800) ScreenSuper IPS+10 finger multi-touch supportCorning Gorilla Glass
  • 32GB EMMC + 8G life time ASUS Webstorage space
  • Eee Pad Transformer Docking Keyboard Not IncludedWLAN 802.11 b/g/n@2.4GHzBluetooth V2.1+EDR1.2 MP Front Camera8 MP Rear CameraAuto focus (rear) with flashLarge F2.4 aperture. (rear camera)

The very first Android tablet computer to feature a quad-core processor and the second in the Transformer line. With a foldable design and smart cover, it was extremely portable. Some of its features were a 10.1” multi-touch screen, Nvidia Tegra 3 system-on-a-chip, 1280 x 800 resolution, and mircoSD reader.

Asus TF700T-B1-GR-50G Transformer Pad Infinity Tf700t-b1-gr 32gb 10.1 Tablet [Gray]
  • ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T Transform to FHD. Infinite entertainment awaits
  • The slimmest and lightest 1920x1200 resolution Full HD Android tablet
  • The Fastest NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core CPU ever, @ 1.6GHz
  • Improved graphics performance with a 12-core GPU
  • Elevate your audio experience with SonicMaster technology for a superior sound range

This model emerged in 2012, a year after the first had been released. Following the Prime, it upgraded with a Tegra 3 T33 processor capable of 1.6 GHz and an impressive 1920 x 1200 resolution which was twice its predecessor. Using a Super IPS+ panel on the screen it was even able to use it outdoors which added further to its versatility.

ASUS Tablet T100TA-B1-GR
  • Windows 8.1
  • Small and light, with an Intel quad-core Atom processorm 1.33GHz (Turbo 1.86 GHz) 2GB DDR3 RAM, Socket Intel GMA HD, 32GB SSD
  • Comfortable keyboard dock and IPS display
  • Up to 11 hours battery life for all-day mobile use
  • Grey Touch Screen 10.1 IPS HD (1366*768), Intel Atom Quad-Core Baytrail-T Z3740, No Optical Drive, Windows 8.1 + Office H/S, 802.11AGN Wifi,1.2MP HD Camera, Bluetooth 4.0, Keyboard

After seeing how well their first range of Transformer tablets did, Asus decided to up the ante and release some notebooks. The Transformer Book first came out in 2013 and the key difference with these netbooks was that they now ran Windows 8.1.

This update certainly changed the game, and because they were still compact, functional and affordable, it appeared that Asus had again released an innovative product into the market. Here are just some of the models in the range:

ASUS Transformer Book T100TA 10.1-inch Detachable Windows 8.1 Tablet
  • Windows 8.1
  • Intel Atom
  • 64GB eMMC
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM, Microphone-in/Headphone-out jack, USB 3.0 port(s), Micro USB,micro HDMI
  • 802.11 wifi

Featuring a small 10-inch screen and complete keyboard, this was the new era of netbooks. With a detachable top half that also turned it into a tablet, so for a great cost you could get 2-4-1 devices. Running an Intel Atom Processor and serious battery life, this was a force to be reckoned with.

Asus Transformer Book T100-CHI-C1-BK(M) - 10.1" 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet Combo - Intel Atom Z3775/2GB RAM/64GB eMMC/Intel HD Graphics/Windows 8.1 - Dark Blue
  • Display: 10.1-inch Full HD LED-backlit touchscreen (1920 x 1200), 10-finger multi-touch suppor
  • CPU: Intel Atom Z3775 1.46 GHz with Burst Technology up to 2.39 GHz
  • Memory: 2GB LPDDR3 1067 MHz, 64GB eMMC
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics with shared graphics memory
  • Windows 8.1 with Bing 32-bit, RealTek Audio, 2MP front-facing webcam, 5MP back-facing camera

This is still one of the most popular devices in the Transformer range thanks to its ultra-thin design and serious running power. With Windows 10 as its operating system and Intel Bay Trail-T Quad Core Processor, it was capable of so much more than its predecessors. The Chi also cost less and felt lighter than other notebooks on the market, and was all operated with a completely fanless construction.

Asus Transformer Book Trio

Asus Transformer Book Trio

This small netbook featured an 11.6” screen with full HD IP display, featured SonicMaster audio, and an Intel Core i7 processor. With up to 1TB HHD and the ability to run on either Windows 8 or Android Jelly Bean 4.2, it was a device that could do it all. This was marketed as three different and capable devices: a tablet, a laptop, and a full desktop PC.

Asus Transformer 3 Pro

Asus Transformer 3 Pro

As one of the newer models in the Transformer range, this highlights what Asus is really capable of. It might be small and sleek, but it’s got serious power like a ROG XG station 2 that allows for 4K gaming and a Universal Dock which means you can connect everything to the one device. At 8.5mm thin and with a 12.6-inch display capable of 2880 x 1920 pixels of resolution, it’s a serious gamer’s device and more.

ASUS 10.1” Transformer Mini T102HA-D4-GR, 2in1 Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Quad-Core Atom, 4GB RAM, 128GB EMMC, Pen and Keyboard Included
  • Versatile Windows 10 device with keyboard and pen included, 2-in-1 functionality: use as both laptop and tablet.Update Windows periodically to ensure that your applications have the latest security settings.
  • All day battery life, rated up to 11 hours of video playback; 128GB Solid State storage. Polymer Battery.With up to 11 hours between charges, you can be sure that Transformer Mini T102HA will be right there whenever you need it. You can charge T102HA via its micro USB port, so you can use a mobile charger or any power bank with a micro USB connector.
  • Latest Intel Atom Quad Core x5-Z8350 Processor with 4GB RAM for fast and efficient performance.T102HA is small in size, but big on connectivity. Dimensions: 10.2" x 6.7" x 0.5"
  • One-touch login and enhanced security with fingerprint sensor supporting Windows Hello. T102HA is small in size, but big on connectivity!
  • Magnesium Alloy body weighs less than 1.7 lbs with keyboard attached and only 0.6 inches thin.

This device was marketed as a fun and convenient little package and that’s exactly what it offered. With a 10.1” screen and extremely light feel, it offered two devices in one to suit all of your needs. This notebook has a massive 11 hours of battery life, huge 2880 x 1920 resolution display, and 178 degree viewing angle. All of these features make it much more than a workbook, but a great entertainment device as well.

Asus Transformer Book Flip

Asus Transformer Book Flip

The Asus flip is a range that again offers more versatility in how you use it, and although it’s moved far from the original Transformer, it still offers the same basic benefits of portability and efficiency. These devices feature a flip function that helps them to convert to whatever style you need, and these are just a few products in the range.

Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA

Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA

This was the first Book Flip that Asus released in the Transformer range and it was created for durability thanks to its 360 degree rotating hinge. It was designed for the home and office and features countless connection options including Type-C and Micro HDMI. With a full-size keyboard, eight-hour battery life, and wide viewing angles it’s great for office presentations or watching the latest movies.

Asus Transformer Book Flip TP500LA

Asus Transformer Book Flip TP500LA

With a 15.6” full HD display and 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor, the TP500LA is a great everyday device. Using Windows 10 Home as standard with the option to upgrade, this is perfect for the home or office with a brushed aluminum finish. The TP500LA uses a touchscreen and offers 1920 x 1080 resolution which makes it highly practical and efficient.

Who Were These Devices Made For?


When the Asus Transformer was first released, it had a pretty obvious demographic in mind. These smaller tablets allowed professionals to take the office home with them but also indulge in a bit of fun and entertainment as well.

With a primary focus on processing like spreadsheets and word documents, as well as connectivity and smooth keyboards and touchscreens, it was clear they wanted this to be a professional user’s station. However, as the began to develop them further and add more tech, these devices became so much more than just a work system.

The later models of the Asus Transformer can do it all, so depending on what you’re looking for a device for there’s a good chance they’ll make the mark. Whether it’s gaming, video editing, watching movies, writing emails, or getting your work done away or in the office, there’s a good chance that Asus have a Transformer notebook or tablet that can get it done.

Are They Good For Gamers?


The key question on everyone’s lips is whether or not these devices are good for gaming. When the Transformer was first released, you’d probably stuggle playing some of the older games on it but as Asus soon realized they could fill another huge hole in the market they sat up and took notice.

With the addition of powerful processors, insane graphics chips, and keyboards that allowed for serious gaming, the Transformer was changed into a serious gaming companion. Models like the Transformer 3 Pro were made specifically for gaming, even including the ROG XG Station 2 which means you can enjoy VR or 4K gaming from the device.

In terms of purchasing one just for gaming, it’s definitely a smart investment. Because Asus has made this line to be so affordable, you can enjoy high-quality games on reasonable settings at a fraction of the price of desktop computers. You’ll also get to benefit from the portability and compactness of each of their notebooks and tablets.

Final Thoughts Of The Asus Transformer Range


When Asus released the very first Transformer tablet in 2011, only they knew how big this range would get. With this one product, they changed the way we own personal and portable computing devices forever, and since then have expanded the range into something even more amazing.

Staying true to their promise to make these devices affordable as well as efficient and innovative, the newer models of Transformer books offer the exact same. They’ve managed to keep them updated with the latest tech and specs to keep everyone from office workers to gamers happy and even the older and refurbished models are still doing well.

With more releases planned in the future, these books and tablets look quite different from the very first model from 2011. However, they still offer the same ingenuity as they always have and are backed up by the trusted Asus name, so they’re a smart choice for both personal and business users.


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Nvidia is a powerhouse when it comes to graphics, and those who take their gaming very seriously will only rely on them for the best visual experience. The GeForce GTX90M is a serious graphics card for those who need the top of the line, and we’re here to review exactly what it can do.

For those who know a thing or two about gaming, you understand the importance that a graphics card holds over your entire experience. Nvidia is a brand that gets this more than anyone and their range of graphics cards are reserved for the most serious gamers who need top of the line performance.

The GTX 980M was released in 2014 and although it’s a few years old by now, it’s still a very serious contender for one of the best gaming graphics cards found in a laptop. We’re going to delve deeper in what it can do, the types of games it excels at, and review a few of the leading laptops that features this card as standard.

Nvidia consistently strives to better themselves when it comes to graphics, and they have a keen focus on gaming laptops specifically. This means there’s no need to settle for less just because you prefer to game on a laptop, as you’ll see when you check out the GTX 980M and what it can do.


Overview Of The GTX980M Graphics Card

8GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M Upgrade Kit for Alienware m17xR4

Nvidia launched the GeForce GTX 980M graphics card in 2014 and heralded it as the ultimate device for gaming laptops. Claiming that it was capable of 75 percent of the performance capabilities of the desktop 980, this would make it the fastest on the market.

While it didn’t achieve the 75 percent as promised, it did come quite close. To this day, it’s still one of the better options available for a laptop gaming graphics card. This card is found in many powerful laptops and notebooks that have been designed specifically for gamers so they understand the importance of delivering on this front.

This 28 nm DirectX 11 graphics card is made for premium laptops and they’ll usually charge quite a bit for the privilege. Nvidia states its clock rates are 1038 MHz for the GPU and 1250 MHz (5000 MHz effective) for the memory. Based on the Maxwell GM204 architecture, it’s modern and powerful making it perfect for today’s gamers.

Notable Features

To get an idea of what the GTX 980M offers, it’s best to look at its features. Those who know about Nvidia’s GeForce range might notice that it’s similar to others in the 800M series but just a little more powerful where it counts.

Possibility of four active displays at once;

Maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels when using HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2;

Supports some formats of HD audio;

Video processor supports H.264 and encodes H.265;

Battery Boost technology gives longer life while gaming;

ShadowPlay lets you record videos of gaming experiences;

GameStream lets you stream your gameplay on the Shield console;

256-bit memory interface bandwidth;

Gaming Benchmarks And Performance

None of these features mean a thing without understanding how this operates in a gaming environment. Made to be an efficient card, the GTX 980M is seriously fast even compared to the previous 880M. When it was released in 2014, it managed to be the fastest graphics card available for laptops of that year.

If you’re someone who likes to play only the most modern and high powered games, you’re in luck. The GTX 980M was made to handle these and do a whole lot more. You’ll get super fine details, anisotropic filtering, and a full HD resolution no matter what you’re playing.

Although it’s a top performer, you need the right hardware to handle it and some something with a powerful cooling system is ideal. In terms of power consumption, it can swallow up quite a bit but this is to make up for how well it performs per watt.

When looking at the benchmarks, this card was able to deliver at 1080p even without a power source. However, the playable framerates that this offer might not be up to the standards of some and so it’s better to stay connected. Using the Battery Boost technology can help this somewhat, as it offered higher framerates that might make it more bearable.

Laptops That Use The Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M Graphics Card

To get the best use out of your Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M card, you’ll want to choose a laptop that’s got it built in and the right hardware to make it run. Here are some of the better models available that features this graphics card as standard and are a great choice for gamers.

  • ALIENWARE 17 R2 (2015)
  • 17.3" FHD (1920x1080) ANTI-GLARE DISPLAY
  • WINDOWS 8.1

Alienware joined the crowd and offered the Maxwell powered GTX range with their 17 R2 model aimed at serious gamers. This laptop comes with four different models depending on how much power you need with the most powerful offering the GTX 980M, 1TB hard drive, 8 or 16 GB RAM and a 4 GB GDDR5-VRAM.

This is an expensive device and one that only gamers would pay for the privilege to use, with powerful hardware and only the most crucial software. It offers HD resolution and cool features like light effects that add even more to your gaming experience and other multimedia applications.

Some added extras are a maintenance hatch that lets you upgrade as you wish, Killer Network Manager for connectivity, and a range of ports and slots. Cased in a sleek silver packaging, there’s very little you can find wrong with this laptop and at a great price, too.

  • Intel Core i7-6700HQ Processor 2.6GHz (Up to 3.5GHz)
  • 15.6" Full HD IPS Screen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M with 8GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • 32GB DDR4 Memory
  • 512GB PCIe SSD, 1TB Hard Drive, 6X Blu-Ray
  • Windows 10 Home, Up to 7-hours Battery Life

Acer has never really been top performers when it comes to gaming, but in 2014 they decided to make a change to all that. The Acer Predator 15 was one of the first times we saw them get serious about the gaming market, and they put quite a high price tag on it.

This laptop features the powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M graphics card which proves how serious they got. With 1920 x 1080 pixels of full HD resolution and an Intel Core i7-6700HQ, there’s no question about whether or not this is a gamer’s dream come true.

There are again different versions of this available including a 54-bit Windows 10 edition with a range of storage options. Whichever model you choose though, you’ll get it housed in a seriously cool black design with RGB lighting to really complete the look. Since the release of the Predator 15 we’ve seen even more great gaming systems from Acer, so this is often considered one of their first and best.

  • Intel Core i7-4710HQ 2.5GHz                (Turbo up to 3.5GHz)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 4GB
  • 4 GB DDR3
  • 1 TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive, 256            GB Solid-State Drive (PCIEG2)
  • 17.3-inch Full HD IPS screen,                Windows 8.1, Blu-ray Writer
  • Most gamers have their sights set on a ROG laptop at some point or another In their gaming career, and this is an example that shows why. The G751JY will knock your socks off by pairing the GTX 980M with a 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor for a serious gaming experience.

    This laptop comes standard with Windows 10 Home but there are other options for those who prefer it. Proving that the hardware can be just as important as the software, Asus has put an intelligent dual-fan inside this laptop and uses copper heat sinks to get rid of the heat and noise that most computers produce.

    The audio has been given careful consideration as well, and you’ll get the ROG AudioWizard that lets you optimize your audio experience. Asus Sonic Master is also present, so we’re not sure if the graphics or audio are those most impressive thing in this laptop.

    • Built with the latest up to 6th Generation Intel Core i7 K overclockable processors and complete with optional discrete graphics up to NVIDIA GTX 980M, this PC is unbeatable.
    • A mechanical keyboard with fully customizable backlight settings in an array of color settings and red highlighted WASD keys means greater accuracy.
    • For boosted performance when even the toughest of settings can't keep up, this One Key guarantees that you stay ahead of the competition.
    • A central interface that gives you complete control over your gaming preferences, and features in-game screen recording and sharing with NVIDIA ShadowPlay.

    Most gamers buy their laptops based on performance, but what would be so wrong with having a top performer that also looks about as beautiful as they come? The Lenovo IdeaPad Y900 is seriously stylish and features perfect RGB lighting in a rainbow of colors across the keyboard.

    The laptop measures a 17-inch screen which offers full HD display, and although it might not be as high res as some competitors, it got a beautiful 1080p G-Sync screen that makes the colors truly pop. As a pretty sizeable device this won’t be easy to carry around but considering how great it looks you might want to show it off regardless.

    In terms of graphics, the Lenovo comes with an Intel Core i7-6820HK processor and GeForce 980M card. This means you’ll get desktop quality gaming in a laptop package, so there’s no need to sacrifice in this sense and give up the freedom of a mobile device.

    • Intel Core i7 6820HK (2.70 GHz) 6th Generation
    • 16 GB DDR4
    • 1000 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
    • 17.3-Inch Screen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX970M
    • Windows 10

    With a name like Dominator Pro, it’s pretty easy to see where MSI was going when they designed this laptop. Thanks to the powerful GTX 980M graphics card and Intel Core i7 processor, you’ll have everything you need to dominate the gaming world and then some.

    This laptop looks quite similar to others in the MSI line and they always appear strong, sleek, and perfect for gamers. With a red lighting scheme and big, bulky look, it definitely appears the part but might be a little hard to travel with. For a home gaming laptop though, this is a great choice.

    There are plenty of connection options with this laptop as well as upgrades, so you’re not just stuck with one machine for life. MSI is known for making their laptops totally configurable which is great news for gamers especially. A lack of touchscreen is the only real problem with this, and that’s not usually a big deal for those who like to game.

    Schenker XMG U706


    Schenker always likes to try new things with their laptops, and it often works in the favor of us gamers. With their XMG U706 they decided to use a desktop CPU inside the laptop in the hopes of giving it more power, which it certainly did.

    This comes with a few options starting with the base model offering GTX 970M and higher upgrades with the 980M. you’ll also get a Core i5-6600, matte IPS screen to remove the glare, and DDR4-2400 RAM. To spend a little extra and get the premium model will be well worth your money especially if you take your gaming seriously.

    There are plenty of features here worthy of note, but you have to be prepared to carry around a hefty 8.8lb device to get them. With a 17.6 inch screen this is to be expected, and for some gamers, it’s the size they’d prefer. However, don’t go getting this if you like portability as it will take quite some work to take it with you.

    A Powerful Choice For Gamers

    When Nvidia launches a new graphics card, especially one that they herald to be the latest and greatest for mobile gaming, the world sits up and takes notice. As you can see by the performance of the GTX 980M this was one case when they were spot on about how powerful their new product could actually be.

    To get the best use out of this graphics card, you’ll need a system to accompany it. Any of these laptops we reviewed that feature the card also offer the hardware and other parts to make it run like a dream, giving you the best chance to experience everything the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M has to offer.

    Since the release of the 980M, Nvidia has made even more powerful and compact graphics cards that are ideal for gaming. However, even by today’s standards the graphics offered by this one are ahead of many competitors, and due to its age, you can usually get them at a much cheaper price than when they were released.