Best VR Games on PC

Virtual reality has seen a massive boom in recent years with the technology now being made available to everyday people. If you’re yet to experience the wonder of VR you might be feeling lost as to where to start. Check out the best VR games for PC that are currently on the market and see why everyone’s making such a big deal about it.

The Best VR Games for PC

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If you’d told us 20 years ago that VR would now be standard in most people’s gaming setups at home, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. Today though, it’s common for people to have a VR system at home plugged into their PCs or other gaming consoles.

VR games are still in their early stages in the grand scheme of things, and not all of them are so great. There are those which cause serious nausea and have poor graphics or those that make you feel as though you’re fully immersed in another world, so finding the better ones is key.

For those who have yet to experience VR or are wanting to add some more games to their collection, you need to know what the top rated ones are. We’ve found the best VR games available currently for PC and what they entail, so you can choose the right ones to begin your lifelong passion for this amazing technology.

What You’ll Need to Play VR

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Before we can get into the best VR games, you need to know a little about the requirements. We’d like to tell you that you could simply plug a headset into any old laptop and you’d be ready to immerse yourself in the virtual world, but sadly it’s not that easy.

To play virtual reality, you’ll need one of two of the bigger systems if you’re going to do it right. The HTC Vive or Oculus Rift are the current top contenders, and any one of these would do you well. You’ll also need to make sure your PC is up to scratch and it has quite a lengthy list of requirements in terms of specs.

Finally, you’ll need your gaming setup to match the experience. This usually means a little more space so you can stand freely and do any other movements that strike you. With all of this ready to go, you can check out the best VR games and add at least one to your collection.

The Best VR Games for PC

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If you’re a fan of Fallout already, you’d probably jump a chance to feel as though you were actually living in the settlements. Fallout 4 VR is exceptionally done and brings a whole new element of cool to the game when you feel like you’re inside the places you build and coming face to face with the various beasts you meet along the way. The post-apocalyptic classic is even better in VR, so what’s stopping you from going out and trying it?


Fallout 4 VR


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Of the current crop of VR games, these are the ones that we’ve deemed the best. Since developers are always working on new ways to make these games more immersive and higher quality, it’s just a sign of what we have coming for us in the future.


Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

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Racing titles are a staple in the world of gaming but there was only so much that could be done with the traditional format. Assetto Corsa has developed a VR racing game that will completely change the way you race cars through your PC and the little touches like being able to glance in your mirror or over at the other cars will make it that much better. This game was made for Oculus Rift who does a fine job of bringing it to life, and you’ll really feel as though you’re racing a million dollar sports car when you play.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew

If you’ve ever wanted to man your own spaceship and float around the galaxy (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) this is the game for you. Not made just for Trekkies, but it doesn’t hurt, Star Trek: Bridge Crew lets you live out this fantasy in VR. You’ll be the captain of your ship and it’s up to you to recruit your team. From there, you’ll go on a voyage to save the galaxy or whatever else you want to do, and will become quickly lost in the experience.



As this was one of the first titles that Oculus Rift was developed with, it’s pretty ancient in terms of the others. That doesn’t make Chronos any less cool though. The third person RPG will provide hours of fun and a good mid-range level of challenge. You’ll be fully immersed in the world of Chronos and challenge various characters along the way to build skills and progress through the game. It might not be as pretty as some others, but it’s amazing nonetheless.


LA Noire: The VR Case Files

LA Noire was a huge hit for gaming consoles, but the VR Case Files version makes it that much cooler. This makes you feel as though you’re a real-life detective and you’ll do more than the mere act of bending down to look at clues or interviewing bad guys. This VR version will have you engaged in combat that will feel surprisingly real, so you’re truly doing your part for the justice system.


Superhot VR

If you’ve ever wanted to freeze time so you can think of an appropriate action or response to something, this VR game will let you live out your dreams. Superhot is often referred to as The Matrix of gaming and you’ll be dodging bullets and attacks at every step. The only difference is that when you stop, so does time, so you have a moment to plan your next move. This would have been pretty simple in a non-VR version but the immersive experience makes it even better.



Thumper isn’t a game for those who like things clean cut, and for their games to look like all other games. Described by the creators with slogans like, “To reach synthetic bliss, you must face rhythmic hell,” you really can’t tell much what it’s about. Expect amazing music, neon lights, and new challenges at every corner. It’s kind of like Guitar Hero but on steroids and with a fully immersive VR world to enjoy it in. A unique game for sure, and one that you’ll get lost inside for hours on end


No Limits 2

For those who love nothing more than a good rollercoaster sim, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by No Limits 2. Even if you’re someone who’s never had an interest in building fake rollercoasters and theme parks, that’s going to change with this game. No Limits 2 lets you build and experience your creations in a way you never thought possible. You might think a rollercoaster sim in VR could cause sickness, but they’ve managed to avoid that completely.


The Climb

The Climb is only available on the Rift, but we’re hopeful that one day other platforms will get it too. Just as the name suggests, you spend a lot of this game climbing, or rock climbing to be more exact. It’s super challenging and you feel as though there’s a legitimate fear you may fall. This game was originally designed to be part of an open world title but it instead focused just on the climbing, and the end result is absolute perfection. Not one for people who suffer from vertigo, so keep that in mind.


Rez Infinite

If you want a VR game with some of the classic touches of older shooter titles, check out Rez Infinite. You’ll make your way through space to the sounds of modern music, and shoot at your enemies as they get close. Rez Infinite is a third person shooter where your character evolves as the game goes on, so there’s always something new to master. There are cool weapons to test out, an array of enemies to keep you on your toes, and some super retro looking graphics to get stuck into.


Hover Junkers

Hover Junkers is quite different in that you can only play this on a multiplayer setting. However, you’ll appreciate why they made it that way once you get into it. This game sees you controlling your character through a vast world of enemies and other challenges, with a feel that’s almost like Call of Duty mixed with Mad Max. There’s nothing conventional about it and that’s what makes it so cool, especially when you add the VR element to it. Hover Junkers has a bright, cartoony feel to it that means your combat is a little lighter than other war games.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

If the title’s not enough to intrigue you, then let us try to do it. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a game about defusing bombs. This multiplayer game has one person playing as the bomb defuser and the other as the expert who holds the manual on how to do it. It’s pretty challenging but you’ll be on the edge of your seat with excitement and suspense so you’ll barely notice it. This is one of those games that would have been fun regardless, but because you’re able to don a headset and get inside the experience, it’s even more thrilling.


Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

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Constantly rated as one of the best VR games around, Elite Dangerous is that one that everyone tells you to play before you play any others. Elite Dangerous takes place in a vast galaxy and because of the VR involvement, you’ll start to get a good handle on just how expansive our own galaxy is. This game sees you make your way through said galaxy and pass other players who each have their own agendas. It’s massive, hours of fun, and will truly show you what’s possible in the future of virtual gaming.


Eve: Valkyrie

Known as the game that started it all, Eve: Valkyrie is still a top pick when it comes to the best VR games. This title is like a dogfighting game set in space, and if that’s not enough to pique your interest we don’t know what will. The makers of this game have managed to avoid nausea altogether which is no easy feat in this genre. Eve: Valkyrie is constantly getting updates and upgrades so it’s not exactly old when compared to others, and the vastness of it means it’ll likely be around for years to come.

The Future of Gaming

At the moment, VR might be a little too expensive for some to try out. For others, it’s well within their budget if it means getting that futuristic, immersive experience. If you already have one of the better gaming laptops then you’ll be equipped to get on board with the VR experience, so there should no issue with trying out this new style of gaming.

These games represent just the beginning of what we can expect from virtual gaming, and it’s promising to see how far we’ve come already. Whether you’re into simple pleasures like building rollercoasters or battling it out with others for the rights to the galaxy, you’ll find something here to please.

There’s no doubt that VR will only get better, and as the technology develops it also means these systems will become more affordable as well. If you’ve got a powerful enough PC, as most gamers do, you should be well on your way to testing it out. Check out any of these great VR titles whenever you get a chance and see what all the fuss is about.

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