Exploring The Best Skyrim Mods For PC

Skyrim has offered millions of gamers countless hours of entertainment, but what about when you want more? We’ve rounded up the best Skyrim mods around in all categories from user interface to magic and skills. Check these out to give a whole new spin to your favorite RPG from Bethesda.

​Bethesda changed the RPG game forever when they released Skyrim, and although the game is dating a little more each day, the mods are not. Thanks to the huge community of Skyrim aficionados, the mods for this fantasy title continue to grow. Not only can you spend days at a time exploring the already huge world they’ve created for you, with over 50,000 mods to sample you’ll add even more versatility to it. Check out some of the coolest mods on offer with the best Skyrim mods around, and keep an eye out to see the new ones being released daily.

​The Tools You’ll Need for Skyrim Mods

​Before you can jump into the action of Skyrim mods, you need the right tools to use them. Check these out to ensure you manage and utilize your mods the right way. Be sure to check in from time to time as these get updates, and it’s best to be running on the latest version.

Nexus Mod Manager ​

This is the biggest online Skyrim Mod hub around and the most common place you’ll find them. Nexus Mods offers up the Mod Manager as a free tool and it’ll help you to not only download the mods but also activate and deactivate them. Not only does it work for Skyrim, but a bunch of other games too, so you have a one-stop shop.

Mod Organizer

This allows a little deeper control of your mods than the Mod Manager and is better suited to those who plan on using more than one. It will ensure nothing gets overridden or wiped by accident.

​Skyrim Script Extender

If you’re using some of the more difficult mods, you might need this script extender to make them work. To cover yourself, it’s probably ideal to download it anyway so that you’re not doubling back and having to do it all again once you run into trouble with the mods. Once you’ve dropped it into your Skyrim folder, use it to launch from here on out.

​​User face, Patches, and Customization

​Nobody ever said that the UI of Skyrim was its best point. Rather than putting up with the numerous bugs you encounter along the way, why not fix them all and then go one better? These are the best patches and customization mods for Skyrim we’ve found.

​Sky UI 5

​This is like the ultimate UI mod for Skyrim and one that will make the entire game a whole lot better. Not only will this make the game itself better but it works with the other mods you might have in play and lets you get so much more out of them.

​Skyrim Patches

​Since the official patches ended a while ago it is now up to the community to keep them going. The Unofficial Skyrim Patches get regular updates thanks to a dedicated team of molders. This has a patch for everything you can think of, like on to give you High Res and make the game even better than ever.

​The Cho​ice Is Yours


​There’s nothing more annoying than being on your way to do something important when all of a sudden you’ve started an auto quest without even meaning to. This mod will put an end to all that and give you a whole lot more choice, just as the name suggests. You can stop getting auto quests from books and NPCs and only take on the ones that you really want.

​Magic and Skills

Magic and Skills

​These mods allow you to update and tweak Skyrim’s systems to put a new spin on things. You’ll be able to change certain things about combat, magic spells, and various skills to change your power in the game.

​Apocalypse: Magic of Skyrim

Apocalypse Magic of Skyrim

​If you’re getting tired of the spells you have on hand in Skyrim, this mod can give you a whole lot more. With 140 new spells at last count, you’ll have heaps of fun testing them out. Whether it’s new ways to attach people or summon something unique, this one will give you hours of enjoyment.

Sneak Tools

​Any good ninja knows that stealth is about more than just basic crouching or sneaking. The Sneak Tools mod will make you hone your stealth skills to the next level and start moving around like a highly trained assassin. You can do things like attack people from behind or put out lanterns so you can move around in the shadows.

​Perkus Maximus

​There’s no doubt that some of the skills and perks in this game feel a bit vanilla, so why not spice them up a bit with this mod. Perkus Maximum takes Skyrim’s skills and gives them a major overhaul. The result is all of the standard effects you know and love but a whole range of active effects that have been added.

​Equipment and Animation

​For all of your weaponry needs or other equipment you carry around in Skyrim, this is the place to be. These mods can add more gusto to your weapons or let you do things you never thought possible.

Immersive Weapons

​The go-to mod for those who want a whole bunch of new weapons to play with. Immersive Weapons will add everything from axes to swords into your inventory and you’ll have a lot of fun learning how to master them.

​Project Flintlock

​You might wander around Skyrim and notice a distinct lack of firepower in the game. Project Flintlock is here to change all that with a few cool and very serious weapons. You’ll get a flintlock rifle, grenade launcher, and blunderbuss that will add some intense weaponry choices to your favorite RPG.

​Visuals and Weather

​The first thought you had while playing Skyrim probably wasn’t, “Wow check out these visuals!” Thankfully, there are plenty of molders on hand who have worked tirelessly at this over the years so now you can be really impressed with what you see.

Immersive Weapons

​Climates of Tamriel

​The only weather mod you’ll need for Skyrim, Climates of Tamriel is comprehensive and gives you plenty of options.  You can change everything from the sun to a whole new cloud system, and it will improve the lighting to give a completely different look to your favorite game. This helps take some of the monotony out of the day to day life in Skyrim.

Xenius Character Improvement

​The NPCs could do with a little work in Skyrim and while you want to get lost in the dialogue you sometimes can’t help but look at how dodgy they appear. This mod is the be all and end all of NPC development and it makes them look more realistic without taking anything away from their natural style.

​Static Mesh Improvement

​Subtlety is key with this mod, and you might not realize just how many little changes it’s making until you finally see that the whole game is looking better. Static Mesh Improvement edits the 3D models within the game and works in over 15,000 locations throughout the game. The smallest of details like a piece of rope will look infinitely better and make the visuals pop.

​Creatures and Animals

​The animals and other beasts found in Skyrim are certainly entertaining, but with a little molding they could be even better. Check out these configurations that can make everything from the smallest mouse to the largest dragon new and exciting.

​Immersive Creatures

​If you want to add some spice to the animals you find in Skyrim and don’t mind putting up with an extra challenge from them, the Immersive Creatures mod is the way to go. This configuration will allow you to get up 2,500 new creatures to play with that will be a lot more thrilling than the standard fare. Think demons and dragon people and you’ll be on the right track.

​Realistic Animals and Predators

​It’s hard to be scared of some of the beasts you see on Skyrim because their visual quality is pretty poor. This mod will amp things up a bit and make all of the animals and predators come to life in HD. Not only will they look more realistic but they’ll do realistic things, like bears traveling to get water or predators who don’t always want to hunt and eat because they might be full from a recent meal.

Tame the Beasts of Skyrim

​Tame the Beasts of Skyrim

​Have you ever wanted to own a dragon as a pet and maybe have it work on your farm for you? Not really? Well, either way, this mod will let you do that and more. Rather than making your way around town slaughtering all of the beasts you find you can actually tame them and put them to good use. Not only that, but you can breed different species together to create super pets.


​Wouldn’t it be great to have real life mods that you could use on the various characters you encounter throughout your day? Alas, no such luck, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a whole lot of fun with these Skyrim mods for their NPCs.

​Interesting NPCs

​Just as the title of this mod suggests, you’ll be able to get more Interesting NPCs when you use this configuration. Rather than the same old storylines or dialogue, these are a bit more in depth. If you really find one that takes your fancy the mod will allow you to marry them as well, putting a whole new spin on the game.

​Run For Your Lives

​Bless the citizens of Skyrim and their naivety, thinking that whenever a dragon appeared they could simply all run towards it, give it a few punches, and it would vanish. This approach almost always leads to them being eaten by said scaly beast, so this mod will help them to take a different route. Rather than trying to fight, they’ll run and hide, saving a lot more lives than before.

​Travelers of Skyrim

​It can be a lonely road you walk while playing Skyrim, and often you can spend ages as the only person around. This simple mod adds a whole bunch of travelers who will be around at all times and help take the lonely factor out of the game a bit. There’ll be mages, mercenaries, and merchants aplenty so you’ll never feel alone again.

​Locations and Quests

​Change things up by giving yourself completely new locations to explore on the map or adding some quests to your to-do list. These can add hours of extra fun to your game and will breathe new life into Skyrim.

​Descent into Madness

​Descent into Madness

This mod sees you taking a pretty normal nap at Breezehom but then waking up in Sheogorath. Within this place, there is a battle going on between the nations Madness and Dementia. On either side, you’ll find a complete quest that will take at least an hour and make you feel as if you’re in a waking dream.

​Enderal: The Shards of Order

​As one of the newer mods on our list, it doesn’t mean that this one hasn’t been just as popular as the rest. Enderal: The Shards of Order is seriously epic and can give you a whole new world that matches Skyrim itself in terms of size. You’ll get everything brand new and as if it came from a different game entirely including NPCs, quests, and dungeons. Judging by the happy reviews, Enderal will get you at least 50 hours of new gameplay to enjoy.

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