Best Gaming Laptop For Teens

best laptop for teens
One of the things teenagers can’t do without these days, apart from their smartphones, is the laptop PC.

One of the things teenagers can’t do without these days, apart from their smartphones, is the laptop PC. They need it for school work, but mostly to enjoy PC games that may serve to complement what they have on gaming console like a PS3 or Xbox360. If you are on the market for the best gaming laptop in the market today that is reasonably priced on the side, you won’t go wrong getting the Series 5 NP535U4C-A01US from Samsung.

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Best Gaming Laptop For Teens – What you should be looking for

With a 14-inch high resolution screen at 1388 x 768 maximum resolution and a weight of just under 4lbs on a slim profile, the new Samsung Series 5 has enough screen real estate without sacrificing portability for a remarkably satisfying gaming and computing experience while on the road. It sports the latest A series quad- core AMD chip (A10-4655M) clocked at 2 GHz integrated with an Radeon HD 7820 GPU with DirectX 11 support housed and supported by a 4GB RAM. Its 750GB hard disk capacity may not be the largest available in the market, but it is typical for most laptops and is enough to house a teenager’s favorite games, HD movies and music files, along with the applications for school work.

The laptop’s powerful engine turbo-boosted to 2.8GHz thanks to AMD’s Turbo Core 3 technology, enables the laptop to run some of the most demanding graphics-intensive games on the market. High definition 1080p movie files look great on a screen that is neither too small or too large to be cumbersome as a portable devise. If your kid is currently playing Star Wars: the Old Republic online, as well as Skyrim Elder Scrolls IV and Dungeon Defenders which I have tested on this laptop, the Samsung Series 5 can be considered the best laptop for kid 2013 for its price if you plan to gift this on his forthcoming birthday.

Best Gaming Laptop For Teens

Other features

Apart from its powerful engine, the Samsung Series 5 has other features that add up to make one of the best value laptops in the market today. Here are its other topnotch specifications:

  •  1.3 megapixel high definition webcam
  •  built-in stereo speakers
  •  Pre-installed with Windows 10
  •  low power consumption of 25 watts for its APU (CPU + GPU)
  •  Fan Mode option for low performance low heat mode for non-critical use but benchmarking tests showed that the APU does not go beyond 65 degrees C despite long hours of gaming.
  •  above-average battery life of up to 7 hours and capable of charging cycles up to 1500 times (about 3 years)

Some Drawbacks

The laptop, however, it not perfect. Nothing is. Here are some that are not serous design flaws, but something that Samsung could do better in its next iteration.

  •  There’s only one resolution setting;
  •  Battery is not removable, but this seems to be trend these days for ultra-thin laptops;
  •  RAM is a bit small and can benefit with another 4GB DDR-1333 to achieve dual-channel optimization for a performance boost of up to 35% that cane deliver a more satisfying 3D gaming experience.


For its price, the Samsung’s Series 5 defines what it means to have great value in a laptop. With power efficient quad-core processing on a 14-inch screen, a satisfying gaming experience from a laptop comes easy. Based on our test, I consider it at this time to be the best gaming laptop in today’s competitive markets under $900. It certainly outperforms its competitors in this price range.

Here are a few other notebooks that can handle current PC games well, as well:

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  1. I need a cheaper gaming laptop! I am 13 i have a budget of around $300 and i want to buy myself a laptop!!!

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