Top Best Bed Laptop Stand: 10 Recommendations

If you work a lot from your couch or bed, a bed laptop stand may be your best option. Using the best ones can immediately eliminate a variety of problems, including neck strain caused by staring downward all day long and searing pain caused by putting a hot laptop directly against your thighs.

It may include storage, a cushion to rest your wrists, or a place for your mouse. Even though we’ve covered a lot of ergonomic office equipment before, including keyboards and mice, here are the best lap desks on Amazon, according to the best reviews.

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Our selection of the best bed laptop stand is provided in the table below. We’ve picked our top pick and the most budget-friendly.

The 10 keyword Reviews:

1. LapGear


Step away from the traditional desk and experience the home office Lap Desk. The 21. 1″X 12″ Work surface Fits most 15. 6″ Laptops and includes a device ledge to secure your laptop in place.

With the built-in mouse pad and phone slot, The home office Lap Desk is designed to make work feel effortless. The innovative Dual-bolster cushions not only create a stable work surface, but also reduce heat in your lap.

Highlighted Features:

  • Country Of Origin : China
  • Phone Slot: Holds All Cell Phones Vertically In 5″ X 0.75″ Slot
  • Comfort: Innovative, Dual-Bolster Cushion Conforms To Your Lap, Keeping You Cool And Comfortable
  • Mouse Pad: Work Surface Includes Integrated 5″ X 9″ Mouse Pad

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2. Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics Adjustable Laptop Tray Table – Lap Desk Fits 17-Inch Laptop – Large

Highlighted Features:

  • The versatile, adjustable table is an ideal surface for using a laptop or tablet from a couch, chair or bed, and doubles as a breakfast or TV tray, study/writing surface, and more
  • Constructed with rugged aluminum alloy with a robust load-bearing, engineered design
  • Adjust height range from 9.4 inches up to 12.6 inches; angle from 0 to 36 degrees for ideal viewing comfort
  • Lightweight structure with retractable, folding legs for easy storage and portability; great for using at home, at the office, or on the road
  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 13 x 0.4 inches; up to 19 inches of laptop area with space to operate a mouse

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3. Pyle Portable Adjustable

Pyle Portable Adjustable

PylePro Model : PLPTS26Universal Laptop Device Stand Laptop Computer Stand For DJ W/Storage Shelf Features: deal For Holding Your Laptop, CD Player/Controller, EFX Machine Or Lighting Controller Includes a Storage Shelf This Versatile Stand Can Stand Alone On Any Flat Surface For Quick And Easy Set-Up Features

4 Easy Line-It-Up Height Adjustments Platform Dimensions: 9.25″w x 10.8″DHeight Range: 6.3 – 10.9 inches Weight Capacity: 8 lbs. Check out the PLPTS26, an awesome laptop stand from Pyle Pro that’s perfect for DJing. It places your laptop at an angle for easy access while you drop your beats.

Plus, it has a variable height adjustment for your convenience. Holds up to 8 lbs. Also compatible with CD players, controllers, EFX machines, and lighting controllers.

Highlighted Features:

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Compact laptop or desk stand with rugged, reliable and ergonomic design for universal use. It can be used with computers, laptops, DJ equipment, turntables, and more. Perfect for home, office, school or business use
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT ALIGNMENT: This table desk stand has 4 line-it-up bars and 2 support bars for with solid adjustable height alignment, comfort and convenience. It is best used when traveling or in other shorter monitor eye-level situations
  • ANTI-SLIP AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Made with anti-slip legs to avoid accidental slides or falls while in use. Made with shelf storage as well for other equipments. This riser standing design that can accommodate several computer and devices
  • DISASSEMBLES FOR PORTABILITY: A laptop stand that could be disassembled easily so it can be portable. It can be taken and used for arts and crafts, picnics, parties and more. It can also be stored easily and tucked away safely
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed with durable materials and aluminum for unmatched quality. It also has an engineered chipboard with a max weight support of up to 8 lbs. The total platform dimension is 9.25(w) x 10.8(d) inches

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4. Olivia & Aiden

Olivia & Aiden

Sometimes you just want to spend the day in bed, which means you need a fun, comfortable way to eat a few meals, use your laptop, and even relax and watch some movies on your tablet.

That’s why we created the Olivia & Aiden Bamboo Bed Tray and Laptop Desk, a multipurpose tray table that lets you kick back, relax, and go about your daily eating, work, and play while finding the best position possible between all your pillows and blankets.

Highlighted Features:

  • MULTIPURPOSE BED DESK TRAY – An easy way to enjoy meals, read books, write, or use a laptop or tablet, this versatile bed serving tray is the perfect lap desk for relaxing.
  • NATURAL BAMBOO CRAFTSMANSHIP – Crafted with high-quality bamboo these bed table trays offer a modern look with lasting durability and smooth woodgrain surface.
  • ADJUSTABLE SURFACE TABLE HEIGHT – Behind each bed serving tray are five quick adjust slots and a moveable steel bar to help you get the right answer for reading or writing.
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE DESIGN – Ideal for enjoy breakfast, dinner, and snacks, or using a 15.6” laptop comfortably, these portable desks can even be used on the couch or on the go.
  • BED TRAY MEASUREMENTS – Tilting surface – 13″ x 13″. Flat surface – 4″ x 13″. Removable computer holder 8″ x 1″. Legs fully extended – 8″. Folded for storage measurement – 17″ x 13″ x 1.75″.

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5. Mind Reader

Mind Reader

Balance your breakfast with ease using a Mind Reader Folding Lap Desk. Breakfast in bed shouldn’t be a balancing act! Too many lap desks provide awkward, uncomfortable attempts at a flat surface.

The Mind Reader lap desk offers a variety of positions for your comfort and convenience, so you can enjoy a versatile, multi-function solution that allows you to work or eat in bed, on the couch, or even on the floor.

Anywhere you need a flat, stable surface, you’ll want this 100% bamboo durable lap desk on hand. Unfold the legs for an elevated desk that fits over your legs, or fold them flat underneath.

Designed with an independent tilting section on one side, this tray allows you to sit back and view the screen of your laptop or tablet, or read a book or newspaper at a comfortable angle of your choosing.

The smaller section can easily hold a wireless or wired laptop mouse, cell phone, or other supplies. A raised stopper at the bottom of the tilting section helps prevent your possessions from sliding off into your lap.

Underneath the smaller section, you’ll find a convenient pull-out drawer for storing your essential supplies. The whole unit can easily be stored in closets, under the bed, or beside a couch or loveseat for easy access.

Buy a folding lap desk from Mind Reader Products and take the strain out of reading or working from the couch or bed! Dimensions: 8″ L x 20.88″ W x 13″ H Materials: Bamboo.

Highlighted Features:

  • GET TILTED – The tilting panel can be adjusted so you can have your laptop, book, or breakfast in a comfortable position, or folded completely flat
  • RISE UP – Unfold the legs to raise the desk to a comfortable height and elevate the desk, or fold them back underneath to provide a flat surface
  • HIDDEN DRAWER – The miniature pull-out drawer underneath the smaller panel provides you with plenty of additional storage for necessities like pens, pencils, erasers, charging cables, and more
  • BAMBOO BENEFITS – Constructed from 100% bamboo, this desk provides the sturdiness and durability you require without warping or becoming deformed over time
  • DIMENSIONS: 13.19″ L x 21.26″ W x 8.27″ H
  • SUPPLIES STAY PUT – A raised edge on the tilting panel ensures that your monitor, laptop, craft items, or other desk supplies don’t roll away when the panels are angled
  • MOUSE SUPPORT – The smaller panel provides a convenient station for supporting a mouse, tablet, or cell phone while you’re using the desk
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The all-natural bamboo surface that makes up this bed tray is easily cleaned, for when you’ve had your favorite meal over and over again. Use a damp or dry cloth to wipe any stains away in less than 5 minutes!

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6. Pyle Portable Dual Laptop Stand

Pyle Portable Dual Laptop Stand

Pyle model: PLPTS38 – safe & Reliable device placement – Rugged & durable metal construction – size adjustable for universal device compatibility – perfect for laptops, mixers, sound processors, etc.

Stable & ergonomic tabletop design – width assembly adjustable – perfect for the home, office or studio – some assembly required – construction material: steel – top bracket maximum Width: 11.4’’ – top bracket minimum Width: 9.4’’ – Bottom bracket maximum Width: 13.4’’ – Bottom bracket minimum Width: 11.4’’ – assembled dimensions (l x W x H): 90.2’’ x 17.0’’ x 86.4’’ – maximum weight load capacity: 33 lbs. – unit weight: 6.4 lbs.

Highlighted Features:

  • DUAL ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This is a safe and reliable laptop stand due to its secure prongs that form the dual trays. It can be used for laptops, DJ mixer, turntables, and other sound equipment devices. Perfect for home, gaming, school or business use
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The standing table has a height adjustment feature to accommodate all needs. The rods and the holes on the supports can be adjusted easily for comfort and convenience
  • ANTI-SLIP PRONGS: Made of anti-slip prongs and no loose parts to avoid accidental slides or falls. The prongs or brackets are also adjustable to fit several devices. The top bracket’s width is 9.4-11.4’’ and the bottom bracket width is 11.4-13.4”
  • PORTABLE: The unit is very easy to assemble or disassemble for portability. It comes with complete manual instructions. It is best used when traveling, hosting a party for sound equipment and more
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed with heavy duty durable materials for unmatched quality. Steel is the main material used and the maximum weight load capacity is 33 lbs. The assembled dimension (L x W x H) is 14.0’’ x 26.4’’ x 13.4’’

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7. WorkEZ BEST


A universal laptop stand and lap desk that works everywhere you do: sitting at a desk, standing, lounging on the couch, or laying in bed. The aluminum panel naturally cools laptops and adjusts in height and tilt to improve your posture. A spacious mouse pad quickly connects to the right or left and is easily removable.

Laptop lap desk for bed and couch: WorkEZ Best slips over your legs holding your laptop hands-free, keeping it cool, and giving you the freedom to stretch out and move around. Laptop stand for desk + Standing desk converter for laptops: use this adjustable laptop stand for your desk to sit up straight and improve your posture.

It raises screens to eye-level, tilts to reduce glare, and has an open-spaced bottom that won’t cluster your workspace. Want to stand up? The WorkEZ Best adjustable laptop stand extends up to 18” tall, making a quick & simple standing desk converter for laptops.

Specs: 1. Panel: 16.5×11 in. 2. Material: aluminum panel & legs, ABS joints 3. Weight: 3.7 lbs 4. Outside Dims: 19x11x2 in. 5. Width Between Leg Segments: 15.25, 16.5, 17.75 in. What Separates WorkEZ best From The Competition? Uncaged Ergonomics has built WorkEZ Best since 2010 using premium materials and industry-leading production methods.

Many companies have copied the original design with visually similar, cheaper, poorer quality products aluminium panel: The solid, aluminum panel is engineered for the proper thickness to ensure a stable computing experience. “cheap” competitors use thinner composite panels that bend and wobble.

aluminium panel + ABS joints: ABS joints with 10+ yrs of proven durability connect WorkEZ Best’s aluminum legs. Some competitors use plastic legs and unrefined joints that are difficult to adjust. MOUSE PAD is ergonomically-designed to connect to the panel in proper alignment with your keyboard (as opposed to clamping to the leg).

All measurements are approximate.

Highlighted Features:

  • ERGONOMIC LAPTOP STAND: easily adjust the height (2-18”) and tilt (180-degrees) of your laptop to optimize viewing angles, improve your posture and compute more comfortably
  • LAPTOP DESK STAND: hold laptops in an ergonomically correct position when sitting or standing at a desk with this adjustable laptop desk stand
  • LAPTOP LAP DESK: Slips over your legs giving you the freedom to stretch out and move when watching movies, working, or browsing in bed or on the couch. Raises laptops off your lap & keeps them cool.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS MOUSE PAD: quickly connects to the right or left, is easy to install and quick to remove.
  • COOLS LAPTOPS + AMBIDEXTROUS MOUSE PAD: 16.5×11” aluminum panel naturally dissipates heat to cool laptops (no fans required!). Removable mouse pad quickly connects to the right or left of the panel (not the leg) for optimal ergonomics. It’s easy to install and quick to remove.

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8. Sage Comfort Bamboo

Sage Comfort Bamboo

Sage Comfort Bamboo Laptop Desk for Bed – Portable & Adjustable Laptop Table with Storage Drawer – Foldable Notebook Tray for Bed, Floor & Sofa

Highlighted Features:

  • PORTABLE WORK DESK – Turn your bed into an office! Write emails, work on projects or just chill & watch a good movie – with the Sage Comfort bed desk you will experience convenience at its highest.
  • ADJUSTABLE – The bed table can be easily adjusted in its height & angle to ensure a healthy & upright position during work. Start to work, study, or play comfortably in an ergonomic environment.
  • TOP-NOTCH QUALITY – With Sage Comfort, you will get a high-grade laptop tray made of 100% natural bamboo. All screws & materials are extremely sturdy & long-lasting & will not wear out or deform.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN & EASY STORAGE – We integrated a soft mouse pad on the tabletop, so you can use your mouse without any troubles. Once you’re done working, the table can be easily folded & stored.
  • 100% PRE-ASSEMBLED FOLDING DESK – You don’t have to waste your time & energy with any type of assembling. Just pull the laptop bed table out of the box & start using it right away – Get yours today!

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9. WorkEZ Executive


Tired of hunching over laptop screens that are too low? Isn’t that hot leg syndrome from resting your laptop on your legs uncomfortable? Easily solve these problems and more with the ergonomic WorkEZ Executive laptop cooling stand and lap desk.

This adjustable laptop stand works everywhere you do – on the couch, in bed, sitting at a desk and even standing. Two fans cool laptops, 3 USB ports give you more outlets to power accessories, the entire stand accordions up and down to perfectly position screens at eye-level.

Slip this laptop lap desk over your legs on the couch – the 18” wide panel holds laptops hands-free, giving you the freedom to stretch out and move. Optimize your seated or standing posture with this desktop laptop stand. Aluminum legs articulate up to 21 inches tall, positioning laptop screens at eye level to help you sit up straight and improve your posture.

The beautiful 18 by 10 inch anodized aluminum panel rotates 360, locking every 15 degrees to reduce glare and optimize viewing angles. When you’re done working, this adjustable laptop stand folds flat for easy storage and portability.

UNIVERSAL LAPTOP STAND USES: * Laptop Lap Desk: Compute more comfortably when laying in bed or lounging on the couch. Raise laptops off your lap, keep them cool, and tilt screens to reduce glare. * Adjustable Laptop Riser: The perfect way to improve your posture! Comfortably elevate screens to eye-level, tilt screens to reduce glare, cool laptops, free-up space and organize your desk.

* Laptop Standing Desk: A simple, affordable way to stand up and work on any desk. Elevate screens up to 21”, tilt the panel, and quickly collapse the stand when you’re finished. SPECS: – Outside Dimensions: 22x12x3 in – Panel Size: 18×10 in – Panel Features: 2 Cooling Fans + 3 USB Ports – Width Between Legs: 20.8 in – Product Weight: 3.3 lbs – Material: Aluminum

All measurements are approximate.

Highlighted Features:

  • UNIVERSAL LAPTOP STAND: works everywhere! Hold laptops hands free in bed or on the couch with this laptop lap desk. Improve your posture sitting or standing at a desk with this desktop laptop stand
  • ERGONOMIC: Adjustable height 2-21″ holds screens at eye-level. Tilting panel rotates 360, locking every 15 ensuring screens are positioned to reduce glare, minimize eye-strain & optimize your posture
  • 2 FANS + 3 USB PORTS: premium 18×10” anodized aluminum panel naturally dissipates heat to cool laptops. A laptop cooling stand w/ two 3” fans for additional cooling & 3 USB Ports to power accessories
  • DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE LAPTOP RISER: made of aluminum, this ergonomic laptop stand is lightweight, sturdy (holds up to 13lbs) and durable. The folding stand collapses flat for easy storage
  • 18” WIDE PANEL: premium anodized aluminum laptop stand has a spacious panel and more interior width to make a super comfortable laptop lap desk

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The TALK WORKS laptop stand is designed to raise your laptop for better posture and a more comfortable viewing angle. It securely displays your laptop and includes silicon surfaces to protect your computer. Our laptop riser for desk spaces and more is compatible with most devices and fits laptops up to 16 inches.

It supports your laptop without compromising desk space. This monitor stand riser is designed with an open base for better air flow and to help keep your laptop cool for better performance so you do not have to use a cooling fan. This portable laptop stand is made of all metal construction with aluminum alloy material.

It is both sturdy yet protective as the holder has silicon padding to protect your countertop and desk surfaces as well as your computer.

Highlighted Features:

  • ERGONOMIC LAPTOP STAND: The TALK WORKS laptop stand is designed to raise your laptop for better posture and a more comfortable viewing angle. It securely displays your laptop and includes silicon surfaces to protect your computer.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Our laptop riser for desk spaces and more is compatible with most devices and fits laptops up to 16 inches. It supports your laptop without compromising desk space.
  • ALLOWS AIR FLOW: This monitor stand riser is designed with an open base for better air flow and to help keep your laptop cool for better performance so you do not have to use a cooling fan.
  • DURABLE: This portable laptop stand is made of all metal construction with aluminum alloy material. It is both sturdy yet protective as the holder has silicon padding to protect your countertop and desk surfaces as well as your computer.
  • ABOUT US: TALK WORKS offers tech accessories that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Our products include phone charging accessories, gaming accessories, charging cables, power banks, and much more.

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