Best 17 Inch Laptop

Whether you’re big into games, entertainment, or work, you deserve a fantastic laptop to maximize your experience. So you need to search carefully for the best 17-inch laptop.

Nowadays, laptops are more than PC replacements. They also serve as the best work or game space for many users. A 17-inch laptop is the biggest available on the market and is big enough to show presentations and showcase amazing graphics. A large laptop with a 17-inch screen will surely make you feel like royalty.

A larger laptop means more space for extra processors, multiple SSDs and hard drives, and a roomier keyboard. Larger laptops make it easy to carry around, yet powerful enough to run demanding programs. The best 17-inch laptop differs according to user needs.

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What to Look for in a 17-inch Laptop

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Whoever said size doesn’t matter hasn’t used one of the best 17-inch laptop options before. Choosing the best 17-inch laptop can be a daunting process given the vast differences in hardware and design. When getting a computer, keep in mind its intended use. To help you maximize your money, be sure to consider a few significant factors.


When choosing the best 17-inch laptop, you need to select the optimal screen type. You should also know beforehand whether you want a touchscreen laptop. But recall that many gamers and workers prefer pixel control given by a mouse. This trend is because touchscreens are glossy and cause too much reflection.

For gamers, purchasing a laptop featuring at least 1920 by 1080 or full HD resolution is essential. This consideration will give high frame rates for all types of games. Some laptops offer 4K resolutions, although this feature is more expensive.

On the other hand, workers also want the best resolution to mimic the ultimate desktop experience. Your laptop should offer a myriad of color palettes and spaces such as Adobe RGB and sRGB.

Common laptops have a refresh rate of at least 60Hz, redrawing the screen’s image 60 times per second. This speed is great for the human eye and most computer programs and applications.

However, it won’t be enough for gamers and people who have invested in expensive graphics chips, which give off more than 60 frames per second.

If this is a deal-breaker for you, you need to choose a high-refresh laptop with 144Hz or 120Hz displays. That way, your laptop display image would provide a smoother appearance.


You’ll need to consider what hardware you need to use the laptop effectively. Although you will spend more on better components, it’ll be worth it.

If you are only using your best 17-inch laptop for general purposes like writing documents, watching videos, and browsing the internet, you may not need a high-end video card or processor. Here are the important hardware properties you should consider.


This feature is responsible for the majority of your computer processes. When your laptop needs to access something, the processor executes it.

Better processors will process data at a higher speed. Some of the latest offers you may come by include Core i9, i7, and i5. The Core i9 feature in current creation and gaming laptops.

However, choosing the newest model processor isn’t always better for you. But it’s a wise decision to avoid buying one of the best 17-inch laptop with a processor that’s a few generations old. Unless you are doing intensive video editing or gaming, you’re fine with a Core i5 processor.


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Your laptop needs a graphics chip to generate images on your display screen. That part is usually integrated into your gadget’s motherboard. Unlike desktops, it may be hard to upgrade your graphics chip on a laptop. So it’s important to get a computer with a good graphics chip.


Memory, or RAM, is your computer’s ability to access and store information for immediate use. Any task you are currently doing on your computer uses RAM. And the more RAM your computer has, the better your ability to access information. Therefore, it can do more things at a time.

For the best 17-inch laptop, the amount of RAM you need solely depends on you. Eight gigabytes (GB) of RAM is enough for most people.

However, if you use multiple complicated applications, or do heavy content creation or gaming, you’d want a laptop with at least 16GB of RAM.


Storage space refers to how much data that the laptop can hold. This space restriction applies to photos, videos, music, and programs stored on your laptop’s internal drive. In contrast to RAM, the data in storage doesn’t need to be in use.

An application on your laptop, which is installed but not in use, only affects the storage, but not memory. The best 17-inch laptop options mostly use solid-state drives (SSD), which are quicker and more dependable than other types of hard drives.

An SSD will give you significantly faster and more efficient performance than conventional hard drives.


Laptops need to connect to something. Although adapters are great, it’s much easier to get a laptop which already features numerous options for connectivity. For example, get a computer with several USB 3.0 ports.

That way, you can easily hook it up to a hard drive when you need to back up your files. Having SD card slots will also make using your laptop a breeze, especially if you’re a photographer or photo editor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptops

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To assess which computer best meets your individual needs, you need to consider many of the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of laptops.

Advantages of the best 17-inch laptop

A bigger screen equals bigger power and greater functionality. Here are other advantages of the best 17-inch laptops.

Better productivity

When you have a bigger screen, more of your games, media, and documents get displayed at once. With a big monitor and keyboard, you can easily perform tasks that would otherwise be challenging to do with only a 13-inch or 15-inch screen.

By viewing multiple files at once, your workstation can improve. Not only that, you will save time switching tabs and sifting through different programs. You can arrange the windows easily on your screen so that everything can be viewed according to your preference.

If your work relies on spreadsheets, you can see multiple streams of information at once. Everyone, especially creative professionals and gamers, can greatly benefit from owning the best 17-inch laptop.

No need for multiple monitors

It can be time-consuming to click through different display screens. And not to mention multiple monitors can also be a waste of desk space. The best 17-inch laptop options are ideal for people who don’t have a large workstation but need a wide display panel.

With this kind of laptop, you’d be freeing up space for more office accessories. A larger laptop also saves money on screens and other equipment you don’t need for your workstation.

With a 17-inch laptop, you’ll realize that you do not need several screens that compete for your attention.

Achieve the best resolution

Bigger screens provide higher resolution. For anyone who thinks the image quality is important, getting the best 17-inch laptop is essential.

Although a small laptop can still boast the same resolution, a bigger monitor will display a higher number of pixels than its smaller counterparts. And more pixels result in sharper images.

Immerse in data and entertainment

Because the best 17-inch laptop gives the best resolution, it’s needed by creatives, especially those who render images with life-like precision. It is also extremely valuable for medical professionals who want to see every image with the clearest detail.

While its advantage to improve work performance is a given, its entertainment benefits are also worth mentioning.

With a large display, you experience enhanced relaxation. This better experience is due to enjoying films in the ideal format. You can also scroll through social media, read books, and watch YouTube videos without feeling a strain on your eyes.

Disadvantages of 17-inch laptops

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Despite the advantages of the best 17-inch laptop options, there are a few problems associated with this larger laptop.


The main draw of laptops is that they’re more mobile compared to computers. However, when you have a 17-inch laptop, it won’t be as compact and lightweight as its smaller counterparts.

It also won’t be as easy to move from one place to another because it is bulkier.

You may also need to purchase a specialized laptop bag to prevent it from being damaged. This need can be a deal-breaker among creatives and gamers who often travel since it won’t fit in cabin storage on planes.

Battery life

When getting a bigger laptop, expect a lower battery life. Better performance means these laptops are only designed to run on AC power. You’d be lucky to find a gadget that can remain unplugged for six hours.

More expensive

To have the best 17-inch laptop, you will have to shell out some money. Most laptops this size cost a pretty penny, making them hard to purchase for people with budget constraints.

Gaming Laptops vs. PC Laptops: What to Get?

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If it’s your first time to purchase a laptop, you may be wondering what the differences are in gaming and non-gaming laptops. There are many distinct features that you need to consider when planning your laptop purchase.


Connectivity is one of the most valuable functions of PC laptops. Most non-gaming laptops have standard USB and HDMI ports.

Most laptops have microSD slot and ethernet ports for your internet and multimedia needs. These features are not given much priority in gaming laptops, although there are exceptions.


PC laptops are not heavy and bulky. Because of this feature, they can easily be taken wherever you go. Unlike PC laptops, its gaming counterparts are significantly heavier and take up more room. As a result, they aren’t as easy to carry around.


Gaming laptops have dramatically better graphics compared to PC laptops. When buying a gaming laptop, ensure that it features the latest graphics card. You can also check whether the graphics card can be upgraded.

Gamers aren’t the only ones who benefit from the high-resolution display screen and nonexistent display lag of gaming laptops. This benefit can also be a useful feature for video editors and animators.

Processor and RAM

For gaming laptops, the processor is the most important feature. After all, nobody wants a laptop to freeze while in the middle of a game. The same is true for the RAM. While a PC laptop may have a great processor and RAM, it won’t be enough to accommodate high-powered games.

Generally, gaming laptops require additional components or capabilities. Whether this hardware is justified costs for your laptop is a matter of preference.

How We Reviewed

To handpick the best 17-inch laptop for you, we considered numerous chief decision-making factors such as processing power, graphics card, storage capacity, as well as other factors like price, battery life, webcam quality, display screen, weight, and durability.

We obtained Information through scouring tech and gaming websites and recommendations from experts and consumers to help you make an informed choice.

The Best 17-Inch Laptop You Can Buy

Now that you know the things to consider for your ideal 17-inch laptop, here are some models you should consider. To make it easier for you, we’ve divided our models into PC laptops and gaming laptops.

PC laptops

If you prefer a PC laptop, there are many outstanding options available.

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series 5770 Laptop

Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series 5770 17.3in Full HD...
  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging....
  • 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U Processor (8MB Cache, up to 4.0 GHz), Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
  • 16GB DDR4 2400MHz Memory, 256GB M.2 Solid State Drive + 2TB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • AMD Radeon 530 with 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Memory, DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD)
  • 17.3-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display, Non-touch, Backlit Keyboard

One of the best budget laptops on the market, the Dell Inspiron 5000 Series 5770 is equipped with the 8th generation Intel Core processor, which gives you reliable performance. With its system-on-chip (SoC) with eight GB of DDR4 Ram, you can run multiple programs at once without facing issues.

This laptop also features not one, but two, storage devices, which include a 1 TB hard drive and a 128 GB SSD. However, this is not the best 17-inch laptop for editors since it does not have a dedicated graphics card.

With its matte silver case, this best 17-inch laptop stands out because of its sleek appearance. Its robust base is solid despite its large size, and there are no ripples on the panel. However, the base has a slightly weak point in the middle.

This laptop contains three USB ports, with only one supporting the 2.0 standard. The ports also have ample space in between. Its 2.0 speed SD card slot functions at 24.1 and 16.9 MB per second, which is quite slow.

You might need a USB 3.0 port adapter if you want to transfer large amounts of data from your memory card.

  • For its display, it has a pixel density of 127 PPI. Albeit not at 4K, its 1920 by 1080 pixels are enough for regular browsing. For its processor, it boasts the Intel Core i7-8550U.
  • Its security features are also worth mentioning. It offers a Trusted Platform Module (or TPM 2.0) and a Noble Lock mechanism. This laptop also has a fingerprint sensor on its power button.
  • The Dell Inspiron 500 Series 5770 laptop features an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Take a look at some of its features:

  • 90-day warranty
  • Back-lit keyboard
  • 8th Generation Intel Quad-Core i7-8550U
  • Runs on Windows 10 64-bit


  • Great security
  • Clear display
  • Fast and responsive
  • Great touchpad


  • Short warranty
  • No graphics card
  • Does not support 4K videos

HP Envy 17

HP Envy 17T Touch 2019 Model, Intel Core i7-8565U...
  • NEWEST 8TH GENERATION QUAD CORE CPU: Intel Core i7 8565U with NVIDIA GeForce MX250 (4 GB GDDR5 dedicated) four way processing 1.80 GHz to 4.60 GHz with 8 MB SmartCache, high efficiency...
  • Windows 10 PROFESSIONAL 64 BIT Pre Installed by HP, 16 GB DDR4 2400 SDRAM (2x8GB), Windows 10 Pro 64
  • No DVD Writer, Fast Data Access with 512 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, Intel 802.11b/g/n/ac (2x2) Gigabit WiFi and Bluetooth 5 Combo

Great for any computer user, the HP Envy 17 is one of the best laptops on the market. It contains an Intel Core i7 processor, and unlike other PC laptops mentioned above, it boasts a 4K panel and Nvidia graphics card.

With these features, it can handle all your editing. For memory and storage, it has 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD.

  • This laptop has an aluminum chassis which screams minimalism at its finest. It has a 17.3-inch screen and weighs 6.63 pounds.
  • To give you better airflow for cooling and keyboard angling, it has a drop-hinge design. The hinge is a polished-metal stripe which looks sleek. However, it may be uncomfortable to use on your lap.
  • This laptop offers a tray-loading DVD drive on its right side, as well as a 3.0 port. On its left side, you find a Kensington lock slot, an HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a compact RJ45 port for Gigabit Ethernet.
  • This laptop has a dedicated graphics card, but this card won’t be enough for gaming. It has a five-hour battery life. The webcam is also better and wider than its competitors.
  • This product features an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Take a look at some of its features:

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD
  • 4K display
  • Core i7 8565U
  • Nvidia GeForce MX250
  • Includes three-year free subscription to antivirus
  • Runs on Windows 10


  • Great display
  • Sufficient RAM
  • Multiple ports
  • Supports 4K videos


  • Heavy
  • Uncomfortable to use on the lap
  • Low storage

LG Gram

LG gram Thin and Light Laptop - 17" (2560 x 1600)...
  • 17 Inch WQXGA (2560 x 1600) resolution 16: 10 IPS display
  • Intel 8th Generation Intel Core i7 8565u Processor
  • Windows home 10
  • 72Wh Lithium battery up to 19. 5 hours Battery Life (mobile mark 2014 standard)
  • Thunderbolt 3

It can be quite challenging to carry around one of the best 17-inch laptops because of its weight. Weighing under three pounds, the LG Gram won’t give you this problem. This model is the lightest laptop for its size you can find.

This laptop has a nanocarbon and magnesium design which is responsible for its notable weight. Its chassis is compact enough to leave your workspace with sufficient open space.

Despite its lightweight, it still feels sturdy. However, you might notice flex on the deck as you press down its keys.

Not to worry though, this gadget adheres to the 810-G military ruggedness standard, which makes it able to withstand vibration, dust, and shock.

  • This laptop boasts an 8th Gen Core i7 processor, as well as a whopping 16 GB of RAM, which is an excellent addition for PC laptops. Its storage is 512 SSD.
  • The left side contains a USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port, and a Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C. It also has a microSD card slot, a headphone jack, and two additional USB 3.0 ports on its right side.
  • The LG Gram supports Windows Hello logins through a fingerprint sensor on its power button. However, it doesn’t have the same feature on its camera that would enable facial recognition.
  • Its screen is 2560 by 1600 pixels, and although it’s not 4K, its color still pops. This laptop also has Intel UHD 620 graphics. If you think the best feature of this laptop is its portability, think again. It has a battery life that lasts up to 19.5 hours.
  • This laptop has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Take a look at some of its features:

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD
  • 2560 by 1600 pixel display
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Runs on Windows Home 10
  • Intel 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8565u Processor


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Great RAM
  • Secure
  • Multiple ports


  • Low storage
  • Flexon deck

Gaming laptop

There are many quality gaming laptops on the market. Each of the best 17-inch laptops here features slight differences.

HP Omen Gaming Laptop

Omen by HP 17-Inch Gaming Laptop, Intel Core...
  • Processor: 8th Generation intel(r) core(tm) i7-8750H Processor, 6-Core, 2.2GHz up to 4.1GHz.
  • Video Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4 GB GDDR5 dedicated).
  • Display: 17.3-Inch diagonal Full HD IPS Anti-Glare WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080) with 120Hz refresh rate.
  • Memory: 12 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM (upgradable with 2 accessible Memory Slots).
  • Hard Drive and solid-state drive: 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive + 128 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive.

Packed with powerful hardware at a reasonable price, the HP Omen Gaming Laptop is a good value computer. For this model, HP improved its design with angled air vents and texture similar to carbon fiber. Its amazing design allows for better airflow and cooling.

In a way, this computer is the laptop version of your favorite sports car.

Its 33 mm thick, which is relatively modest compared to other gaming laptops. However, you might have issues with carrying it around since it weighs 8 pounds.

This model boasts multiple ports compared to other gaming laptops. On its left side, it has an HDMI, USB 3.1 Type A, Mini DisplayPort, and USB 3.1 Type C ports, as well as a microphone, headset, and an SD card reader. Its type C port also supports Thunderbolt 3.

On its right side, it has a USB 3.1 port and its power plug.

Fans will also be delighted with its full-sized keyboard with red LED backlighting, and a 10-key keypad, with macro keys.

  • This laptop is powered by a Core i7-7700HQ processor, amazing 12 GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 TI, 200rpm SATA drive, 256GB M.2 NVMe drive, and a 1 TB SATA drive.
  • It has two display options of 60Hz 4K IPS panel or 120Hz 1080p panel. The latter is the better choice for gamers. Both are compatible with G-sync.
  • This gadget also has a notable 1080p webcam with array mic. It also has an IR sensor to support Windows Hello. And the screen offers a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.
  • This gaming laptop is powered by an 86-watt-hour battery, which lasts up to 12 hours and 15 minutes for mixed usage, 6 hours and 45 minutes on wireless streaming, and 8 hours and 30 minutes on video playback. Of course, it will drain quickly if you play games.
  • The HP Omen Gaming laptop features an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Take a look at some of its features:

  • 8th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H Processor
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • Anti-glare WLED-backlit screen
  • 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive
  • 128 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive
  • Runs on Windows 10


  • Ample storage
  • CleaGreat keyboard display
  • Security
  • Multiple ports
  • Affordable for a gaming laptop
  • Back-lit keyboard


  • Does not support 4K
  • Low battery life when in use for gaming
  • Subpar trackpad
  • Heavy

MSI GS75 Stealth

MSI GS75 Stealth-093 17.3" Razor Thin Bezel Gaming...
  • Display: 17; 3 inches 144Hz 3ms 5; 2mm 4 sided razor thin Bezel gaming Laptop FHD (1920x1080), IPS Level
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 8G Max Q GDDR6 w/New Ray Tracing Technology
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 8750H 2; 2: 4; 1GHz
  • Memory: 32GB (16G*2) DDR4 2666MHz 2 Sockets; Max Memory 32GB
  • Storage: 512GB NV Me SSD

Do you want a slim gaming laptop? This gadget overcame this seemingly impossible challenge. The MSI GS75 Stealth has an incredibly impressive design and a notable Nvidia RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU.

With its 17.3-inch 144-Hz panel, paired with Dyn-audio speakers, you’ll want to spend that whole day playing your favorite games.

At first glance, you’ll be captivated by its sandblasted finish and aluminum hood. It has Dragon Shield and a diamond-cut trim layer over its hood. Also, its keyboard is colored with the RGB spectrum.

  • This gaming laptop comes with an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, with 512 GB SSD, which is quite low for a gaming laptop. However, the 8GB of VRAM and 32GB of RAM make up for it. At only five pounds, it’s lighter than other gaming laptops on the market.
  • This laptop also offers many ports. On its left side, it has a microSD slot, separate microphone and headphone inputs, a USB 3.1 port, and an RJ45 port.
  • Its right size holds the HDMI port, USB Type C port, two USB 3.1 ports, a Thunderbolt 3 port, and a security lock slot.
  • This model doesn’t have 4K resolution. However, its 1920 by 1080 panel offers a 3-millisecond response time – something gamers appreciate. Even if you play an intense game, you’ll be surprised by its smooth frame rate.
  • This laptop has an elongated touchpad not placed below the spacebar. This layout may annoy users who are particular with alignment.
  • The MSI GS75 Stealth has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Take a look at some of its features:

  • Nvidia GeForce RTX
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Intel Core i7-8750H processor
  • Powered by Windows 10


  • Many ports
  • Back-lit keyboard
  • No display lag


  • Does not support 4K
  • Awkward touchpad placin
  • May need a cooling pad
  • Expensive

Alienware AW17R5-7405SLV-PUS

Alienware Gaming AW17R5-7405SLV-PUS 8th Gen Intel...
  • 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H 6-Core, 9MB Cache, up to 3.9GHz w/Turbo Boost
  • 8GB 2400MHz DDR4, 1x8GB
  • 1TB [Hybrid] HDD, + 8 GB SSD, No Optical Drive
  • 17.3-Inch FHD 1920 x 1080, IPS Anti-Glare, 300-nits
  • Be more productive. Windows 10 is the best for bringing ideas forward and getting things done

Alienware truly knows what they’re doing with gaming laptops. This model boasts loud speakers and quiet fans. Its appearance alone looks like it’s ready for a battle with its hinge-forward and slim design.

For lighting, Alienware has added a total of 13 zones. That way, you can have more control over the effects and colors.

As you look at this model, you’ll immediately see the touchpad and the glowing power button sandwiches the keyboard. The panel sits above the plastic strip which houses the Tobii Eye Tracker.


  • This laptop comes with an 8th Gen Core i9 processor, which can be overclocked to five GHz.
  • As if these are not enough, it also has a fast SSD, a splendid QHD Display, three hours of battery supply, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU with eight GB of VRAM to give you nothing but the best frame rates.
  • This model weighs 9.7 pounds, which may be a deal-breaker for gamers who are often on the road. This model is also quite short of ports, with only a single USB 3.0 port on its right side, and another one on the left.
  • It also has a headphone and microphone jack, as well as a USB Type C port, and a Noble Lock slot.
  • The screen boasts robust color and great viewing angles. Despite not having a 4k display, its 2560 by 1440 panel doesn’t have problems delivering great visuals.
  • One of the most notable things about this laptop is the touchpad lights up whenever you touch it. You’ll also be surprised at the nice click it delivers when pressed.
  • This model features an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.
  • Despite the low overall rating on Amazon than we typically go for (4.0 or better), we chose to add the Alienware to our best of list. Many complaints were related to the price, and the quality of the included keyboard rather than the system itself.
  • And since over half of the reviews were a full 5 stars, we decided it earned a spot for your consideration.

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Take a look at some of its features:

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
  • 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H 6-Core
  • 8 GB 2400MHz DDR4
  • One TB [Hybrid] HDD
  • Eight GB SSD
  • Runs on Windows 10


  • Great touchpad
  • Highly customizable lights
  • Great graphics
  • Designed to stay cool
  • Back-lit keyboard


  • Does not support 4K
  • Heavy
  • Lack of ports
  • Low battery life

The Top Choice for You

The best 17-inch laptop can give you amazing power and portability. Laptops combine the advantages of desktop computers with the portability of smaller gadgets.

With hundreds of 17-inch laptops on the market that all promise you the best performance, it can get quite confusing to pick the right one.

Whether you’re gaming, working, or surfing the web, any of these laptops will serve you well on the move. You just have to pick the one that suits your needs the best. It’s all up to you.

Have your own thoughts on the best 17-inch laptop on the market today? We’d love to read about your experience in the comments below.

Here are a few other notebooks that can handle current PC games well, as well:

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