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The thrill in playing a great PC video game does not end with superb visuals. The aural dimension completes the visceral edge in a vicarious gaming experience. Read more [...]
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Your PC keyboard and mouse provide the most intimate physical interaction between you and the PC or laptop hardware. Of course, newer technologies have enabled the LCD display to serve similarly using touchscreens, but among gamers, the mouse is still the preferred way to control their games. Read more [...]
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A gaming laptop that can provide hours of fun for both casual and serious gamers can be had below $800 Read more [...]
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With quad core as the basic CPU configuration with at least 8GB of system RAM, we came up with a list of recommended 17-inch gaming laptops using any of the top 40 or so graphics cards in the market today. Read more [...]
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Shopping for a gaming laptop can be an adventure when you are aiming to get the best deal in your purchase. Whether the deal is for the lowest possible price for the same model, or getting better features for the same price you are willing to shell out, getting the best deal is about having the best value for your money. There are several avenues to getting there such as the timing of your purchase, whether you can settle for used or refurbished units, or simply the choice of store. After some exhaustive search, the laptops in this article offer bang for the buck for both the serious and casual gamer. Read more [...]
Consumer ratings may be subjective but they provide a reasonably reliable assessment of the products they actually use. Here we present some of the highest rated gaming laptops in the market today. Read more [...]
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The South Korean manufacturing giant Samsung may be better known as the maker of the popular Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets, but it has long been making laptops to the delight of consumers looking for a wider, if not better, set of choices for their mobile computing needs. Read more [...]
Old gaming laptops that are now heavily discounted offer some of the best value to the dollar considering that they are often sold at cost or at lost in what we consider as "barebone" gaming laptops. Read more [...]
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Gaming laptops at the $400 price point can be a real challenge to find as most graphics card sport less than the Intel HD 4000, but here are three just slightly above $400 and well worth the price. Read more [...]
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A motherboard is the heart and soul of any PC, whether dekstop or laptop. Now is the time to upgrade to play recent and forthcoming games for 2018. Read more [...]