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Hello and welcome! My name is John Danielson and I’m the Chief Editor here at Best Laptop For Gaming .org

My first computer was a Commodore and I later upgraded to the first Apple computer, so I’ve been tinkering with and learning about computers since way before Windows. In short, I love technology and love personal computers. Bill Gates once said that he had a goal of putting a computer in every home in America. It seemed crazy at the time, but as you probably know, this has become a reality. And in my opinion, that’s an amazing thing.

The world of computers and the internet changed everything about life as we know it. Not only can more people now work and shop from home, but with the advent of laptops and smartphones, they can shop anywhere they may find themselves. Perhaps most significant is the fact that people can research and learn literally anything in the world by pulling their phone out of their pocket. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales wanted us to imagine having access to “the sum of all human knowledge.” We’re there. And it has changed the world.

Around the time that I started playing with computers, I got married to the love of my life and high school sweetheart. My wife Janet and I have three rambunctious and curious boys. You’ll find us on the weekend at the beach in summer, and hiking trails in the fall.

Since I started a family at a pretty young age, I was focused on our family for many years and worked in the IT industry and in retail for computer and tech products. I taught myself to code and build and repair computers, and I have a passion for lifelong learning in tech-related stuff. I wanted to take my career and learning to the next level, so I ended up getting my IT degree later in life. And you guessed it, I got most of my degree online.

After a few more years working for major tech companies, I was recruited by Best Laptop for Gaming to work as their Chief Editor. I couldn’t be happier that I was able to come aboard the Best Laptop for Gaming team and be in charge of the great content we produce on this site.

Best Laptop for Gaming is run by a team of computer and laptop enthusiasts and our mission is to help people find the best possible laptop for the money. When you buy a computer, you’re making an investment in your learning, entertainment, and for an increasing number of people, your work. Making sure you have the right machine is crucial for high-level success.

If you’re looking for a laptop, we welcome you to our site and our community. We hope you can find the best resources and that you find our content and reviews helpful. Also, we’d love to hear from you, whether it’s a comment on one of our articles or an email. Happy computing!

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