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Posted by: In: 24 Oct 2013 0 comments
The $1,000 price point opens up fabulous choices for great value gaming laptops and a serious gamer who wants a 15-inch mobile gaming solution should not miss y510p. Read more [...]
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The Acer Aspire V3-771G-9809 Review, Comparisons and Charts.   Compromises to arrive at Read more [...]
Posted by: In: 20 May 2013 0 comments
For the casual gamer, the Asus N76VJ-Dh71 does a competent job as a multimedia and gaming laptop. Read more [...]
Posted by: In: 16 Apr 2013 0 comments
Following after Lenovo’s market success in its IdeaPad Y580, Lenovo lost no time introducing its next gaming laptop in the IdeaPad Y500 using the Nvidia's Kepler architecture to create one of the most muscled graphics engines on the laptop. Read more [...]
Posted by: In: 13 Mar 2013 0 comments
The Lenovo Ideapad Y580 offers a blend of gaming power, portability and affordability for serious gamers with a budget below $1,000. It has the raw power to play all the demanding games from medium to high game settings that other gaming laptops costing more can play but at heavier and thicker body. Read more [...]
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This is the first 14-inch gaming notebook in the Asus G Line that offers near top of the line gaming performance below $1,000 thanks to its low resolution display. Read more [...]
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This high end notebook is considered the King of Hill in gaming notebooks, thanks to a muscled Intel quad core with 12 GB of RAM coupled with mid-range NVidea GPU with its own 3GB of video RAM. Read more [...]
Posted by: In: 25 Feb 2013 0 comments
The Asus N76VZ notebook provide as peerless gaming and a multimedia experience at its price point. Read more [...]